Apple Details Carbon Neutral Progress, Announces Energy Storage Project

New energy storage project for Apple, as it aims to achieve totally carbon neutral supply chain and products by 2030…

10 months ago

Google Achieves Carbon Neutral Footprint

Alphabet division becomes first major company to reach carbon neutrality, and is also world's largest corporate buyer of renewable energy

1 year ago

Microsoft Pledges To Be Carbon Negative By 2030

No more carbon footprint. Ever. Redmond pledges to remove all the carbon it has created since it was founded back…

2 years ago

IBM Touts Data Centre Carbon Reduction

IBM touts green tech to help it reduce its data centre carbon footprint by 40 percent

7 years ago

IT Vendors Face Mandatory Carbon Accounting Rules

IT vendors will have to report their carbon footprint or may lose prestigious contracts

9 years ago

Mandatory Carbon Emission Reports Boost Green Software

Every firm on the London Stock Exchange must include carbon emissions in its annual report, says Nick Clegg

10 years ago

DECC Hopes To Slash Cost Of CRC Carbon Tax By 60 Percent

Will the Department of Energy's proposal, to save each participant £6000 per year, be enough to save the tax?

10 years ago

Fuel Cell Manufacturer Gets Funding Boost

A firm making fuel cell supplies for data centres has got funding to power a launch into Europe

10 years ago

IT Services Firms Are Buying Their Green Credentials

IT firms see emissions as a marketing expense, and aren't attacking energy efficiency, according to a report

11 years ago

Budget Missed Incentives For IT Savings, Says Socitm

The Chancellor should have invested in local authorities to save more and reduce the economy's carbon footprint

11 years ago

The Inconvenient Truth About Carbon Intensity

Even the most efficient data centre has a carbon footprint, dependent on its source of electricity, says Peter Judge

11 years ago

451 Points To Cloud Delivery For Carbon Management

The 451 Group says carbon will be managed in the cloud - and CA and Capgemini have launched outsourced carbon…

11 years ago

Carbon Taxes Will Drive Outsourcing

The CRC might disappear, but the UK's energy crisis means you'll have to tune your data centre's power, or else…

11 years ago

CloudApps Warns Of Ignorance Over Sustainability Savings

CloudApps believes that managers are ignoring staff concerns over possible sustainability savings

11 years ago

Data Centre Carbon Counting – Could It Cool The Arguments?

When Facebook fell out with Greenpeace over coal-fired power, the new Green Grid measurement might have helped sort things out,…

11 years ago

Green Grid Starts To Measure Data Centre Carbon Use

Alongside PUE to measure power efficiency, the Green Grid now has CUE to measure carbon use

11 years ago

Carbon Accounts Firms Update Software

Big firms like CA and SAP won't rule the carbon accounting world, as specialists add features

11 years ago

Microsoft Study Finds Cloud Computing Is Good for the Environment

Comparing on-premise business applications to cloud equivalents, Microsoft concludes cloud computing has positive effects on the environment

11 years ago

Google Self-Driving Cars Hit The Road

For the past year Google has been sending self-driving robot automobiles across California roads in an experiment to save lives…

11 years ago

GreenQloud Carbon-Neutral Data Centre Goes Beta

As it moves to beta testing, GreenQloud claims that its data centre is naturally carbon-neutral and that Iceland is an…

11 years ago

British Gas Calls For Extension To CRC Deadline

British Gas Business is calling for an extension to the CRC registration deadline, as potentially thousands of businesses have failed…

11 years ago

What On Earth Is CRC?

It's too late now to register for the government's CRC scheme to reduce emissions, says Peter Judge. How come half…

11 years ago

Network Vendors Play The Green Card

Data centres could make "huge" energy savings through lower energy networks, says Juniper

11 years ago

New Boundary Touts PC Energy-Saving Solution

New Boundary Technologies has a new energy saving solution for businesses concerned with running their office computers more efficiency

11 years ago

Co-Op Gets Dividends From Virtual Desktops

The Co-Op is extending its virtual desktops, saving millions on software licensing costs, and cutting carbon output

12 years ago

Recession Spurs UK Carbon Reduction

Carbon reduction progress is too slow, according to the second annual Parliamentary report, but the recession has given it a…

12 years ago

Data Centre Launches ‘Eco-friendly’ Facility

The opening of a new hosted services facility in Bedfordshire pushes green IT boundaries, according to provider Blue Chip

12 years ago

Green Tech Waits On The Government

Britain's Energy Secretary can talk green, says Peter Judge, but will he deliver on actual measures to promote green technology?

12 years ago

Exploding Energy Myths And Cutting Costs

Training employees to recognise their responsibility towards the environment is the best way reduce carbon emissions, says Sage MD Paul…

12 years ago

Confessions Of A Tech Addict

Tech addict Andrew Donoghue won't be buying an iPhone 4 until his old phone wears out. And that goes for…

12 years ago