Carbon Footprint

BT Pledges To Curb Carbon Emissions By 2030

Green pledge. UK telecoms giant BT brings forward its net zero carbon emission target from 2045 to 2030, and sets…

9 months ago

Google Achieves Carbon Neutral Footprint

Alphabet division becomes first major company to reach carbon neutrality, and is also world's largest corporate buyer of renewable energy

2 years ago

Apple Pledges To Be Carbon Neutral By 2030

Green pledge sees Apple join other tech firms such as Microsoft and Amazon, by pledging to not to add carbon…

2 years ago

IBM Touts Data Centre Carbon Reduction

IBM touts green tech to help it reduce its data centre carbon footprint by 40 percent

8 years ago

The Green Supply Chain Is A Can Of Worms

BT has promised to save energy for its customers. Other suppliers may find this harder to do, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Microsoft Explains Environmental Efforts For Earth Day

Software giant Microsoft has outlined its own progress on environmental issues as part of Earth Day

9 years ago

Facebook Carbon Footprint Data Shared For First Time Ever

Zuckerberg and Co open up on environmental footprint of the social network

10 years ago

O2 Carbon Footprint Verified By Carbon Trust

Wants to become the UK's most energy-efficient network

10 years ago

Microsoft Says It Will Be Carbon Neutral From July 2013

Microsoft aims to make internal departments responsible for their own emissions

10 years ago

Businesses Are Unprepared for Carbon Accounting

With carbon taxes in the offing, more than half organisations have not heard of carbon accounting, says a survey

10 years ago

Tech Firms Score Badly On CRC League Table

The Environment Agency's ranking of green companies shows IT firms need to clean up their act

11 years ago

Ecodesk Shares Big Firms’ Green Strategies

Ecodesk is offering a free database containing the sustainability strategies of the world's largest companies

11 years ago

BT Demands Carbon Commitment From All Suppliers

BT has introduced a Climate Change procurement standard to ensure all its suppliers reduce their carbon emissions

11 years ago

451 Points To Cloud Delivery For Carbon Management

The 451 Group says carbon will be managed in the cloud - and CA and Capgemini have launched outsourced carbon…

11 years ago

CloudApps Warns Of Ignorance Over Sustainability Savings

CloudApps believes that managers are ignoring staff concerns over possible sustainability savings

11 years ago

Government Delays ‘Green Stealth Tax’ Until 2012

The government has delayed the implementation of the CRC scheme after its controversial change last month

12 years ago

CloudApps Launches Cloud Offering To Manage Emissions

As the Government department responsible for the CRC laws starts to wind down for the general election, CloudApps has launched…

12 years ago

VeryPC Signs First Customer For IT Scrappage Scheme

Green computer maker VeryPC has signed up its first customer to the Big Business Refit, a scrappage scheme for power-hungry…

12 years ago

Carbon Monitoring Vendor Speaks Out Against CRC

While activity around CRC is increasing, businesses are in the dark about achieving compliance, according to CloudApps chief executive

12 years ago

eBay Bids High For Green Bloom Energy Server

A new fuel cell technology called Bloom Box, used to provide sustainable energy to the mass-market, owes its genesis to…

12 years ago