call centre

Kolkata Police Shut Down Scam Call Centres

Fraudsters convinced Devon man his computer had been taken over by a Russian criminal involved in trafficking guns, ammunition and…

3 years ago

AWS Expands Into Call Centres With Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is available on a pay-as-you-go basis and works with all existing AWS services

5 years ago

Call Centres Could Use Voice-Analytics To Understand Customers’ Moods

Hold please. Telephone merchants of PPI claims and solar panels could utilise real-time voice-analytics to improve rapport

6 years ago

How Companies Can Protect Their Legacies

Matthew Bryars, CEO from Aeriandi, discusses how sensitive information from ‘legacy’ call recordings can be properly safeguarded

7 years ago

AT&T Slapped With ‘Largest Ever’ US Data Breach Fine

US regulator sanctions AT&T over breaches at three overseas call centres that exposed valuable customer data

7 years ago

IBM Sells Customer Care Unit For £319m

IBM sells its customer care business processing unit to Synnex, as it concentrates on higher value offerings

9 years ago

Virgin Media Hits Back At CWU Over Call Centre Closure

The CWU has labelled Virgin Media's winding down of a call centre as a 'disaster' for Trowbridge in Wiltshire

11 years ago

Cloud Contact Centres Claimed To Offer Better Value

A Frost & Sullivan report found that larger contact centres gain higher savings with the cloud-hosted model

11 years ago

Cold-Calling Cyber-Criminals Tout Fake Antivirus

Scammers are using call centres to push fake antivirus software, pretending to offer free services

12 years ago