Microsoft Pledges To ‘Honour’ California’s Privacy Rules

Redmond pledges to roll out California's strict CCPA privacy laws across the entire United States

2 months ago

California Bans Facial Recognition From Police Body Cams

Lawmakers in California have banned the use of facial-recognition software in police body cams

4 months ago

Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 26 Lawmakers As Criminals

Two dozen California lawmakers flagged as criminals by facial recognition software, ACLU says

5 months ago

California To Suspend State Net Neutrality Law Until Court Ruling

Showdown between US states and federal government averted until court rules on Trump's net neutrality “roll-back”

1 year ago

US Government Sues California After Net Neutrality Adoption

Collision course set for most populous US state and FCC, after governor officially adopts 'net neutrality' laws

1 year ago

California On Collision Course With FCC Over Net Neutrality

The most populous US state heads for net neutrality clash with American communication regulator

1 year ago

Tech Giants Face EU Tax On ‘2 To 6 Percent Of Turnover’

A major change to the way the European Union taxes companies such as Google and Amazon is coming within 'weeks',…

2 years ago

Uber Moves Self-Driving Cars To Arizona

Arizona offered open roads to Uber after California ran its self-driving car test programme off the road

3 years ago

Uber’s Driverless Testing Hits A Bump In The Road

The California Department of Motor Vehicles says Uber failed to comply with state regulations

3 years ago

Google, Ford, Volkswagen And Others Challenge California’s Proposed Rules On Driverless Car Testing

The search giant and car makers objected to potential regulatory roadblocks the autonomous driving development

3 years ago