Tesla Reaches Deal With California County To Re-open Factory

The acrimonious stand-off between Elon Musk's Tesla and Alameda County looks to have been resolved, with factory production to begin…

3 months ago

Trump Steps Into Tesla Factory Row, As Musk Talks With Texas Over HQ Move

US President gets involved in Elon Musk's fight with Californian county, after Fremont factory is re-opened in defiance of local…

3 months ago

Elon Musk Risks Arrest As He Reopens Telsa Factory

Arrest me. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has defied local officials in California by reopening Fremont factory, and dared them to…

3 months ago

Tesla Sues Californian County, Threats To Move HQ

Final straw for Elon Musk. Skirmish with California erupts into full-scale legal battle after local officials refuse to allow Fremont…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Tesla’s California Factory To Restart Production

Electric car maker Tesla to restart production at its Fremont factory after Elon Musk tweeted about 'fascist' lockdown in California

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Tesla Suspends Production At Main Factory

Electric carmaker's main factory in California has ceased production for three weeks in bid to slow spread of the Covid-19…

5 months ago

Microsoft Pledges To ‘Honour’ California’s Privacy Rules

Redmond pledges to roll out California's strict CCPA privacy laws across the entire United States

9 months ago

California Bans Facial Recognition From Police Body Cams

Lawmakers in California have banned the use of facial-recognition software in police body cams

11 months ago

Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 26 Lawmakers As Criminals

Two dozen California lawmakers flagged as criminals by facial recognition software, ACLU says

12 months ago

California To Suspend State Net Neutrality Law Until Court Ruling

Showdown between US states and federal government averted until court rules on Trump's net neutrality “roll-back”

2 years ago

US Government Sues California After Net Neutrality Adoption

Collision course set for most populous US state and FCC, after governor officially adopts 'net neutrality' laws

2 years ago

California On Collision Course With FCC Over Net Neutrality

The most populous US state heads for net neutrality clash with American communication regulator

2 years ago

Tech Giants Face EU Tax On ‘2 To 6 Percent Of Turnover’

A major change to the way the European Union taxes companies such as Google and Amazon is coming within 'weeks',…

2 years ago

Uber Moves Self-Driving Cars To Arizona

Arizona offered open roads to Uber after California ran its self-driving car test programme off the road

4 years ago

Uber’s Driverless Testing Hits A Bump In The Road

The California Department of Motor Vehicles says Uber failed to comply with state regulations

4 years ago

Google, Ford, Volkswagen And Others Challenge California’s Proposed Rules On Driverless Car Testing

The search giant and car makers objected to potential regulatory roadblocks the autonomous driving development

4 years ago

Super-Long Lifespan Battery Invented By Scientists

Scientists claim rechargeable battery breakthrough with drastically increased battery lifespan

4 years ago

Honda’s Self-Driving Cars Set To Hit California Streets

Smart vehicles from Japanese manufacturer get DMV approval to join those from Google and other car makers

5 years ago

Google Launches World’s Largest Solar Power Project

Ivanpah solar plant will look to power more than 140,000 California homes

6 years ago

California Mistakes BitCoin Foundation For A Currency Exchange

Financial regulators in California send a “Cease and Desist” letter to a non-profit organisation

7 years ago

Efficient Cogeneration Power For New Facebook HQ

Facebook is ensuring its new headquarters in California is a fit place for sustainable living

9 years ago

Jobs’ Apple Doughnut Has Green Aspirations

Apple’s next headquarters may look like a fattening doughnut but it will be lean and green, Steve Jobs maintains

9 years ago