US Senator Hints At TikTok Divestiture Deadline Extension

China's ByteDance may be given up to a year to divest itself of TikTok, used by 170 million Americans, says…

5 days ago

FTC Investigates TikTok Over Security, Privacy – Report

Federal Trade Commission reportedly investigating TikTok for its data and security practices, amid US ban threat

2 weeks ago

TikTok US Sales ‘Hit $16bn’, ByteDance Nears Meta In World Revenues

TikTok reportedly brought in $16bn in US last year, while parent ByteDance made $120bn worldwide, nearly dethroning Facebook parent Meta

4 weeks ago

Senators Take Up TikTok Bill After Italy Fine Over Harmful Content

Senators consider bill restricting TikTok after rapid House approval, as Italy competition regulator fines company over harmful content

4 weeks ago

US House Gives ByteDance Six Months To Divest TikTok Or Face Ban

House of Representatives vote could force ByteDance to divest TikTok within six months, or face nationwide US ban

1 month ago

US Bill To Ban Or Divest TikTok, Advances In House

TikTok faces fast-tracked vote in US House Of Representatives next week, after committee unanimously voted for ban or divestment

1 month ago

US Congress Bid To Ban TikTok Or Divest Gathers Pace

Upcoming vote by House Committee on Energy and Commerce to ban TikTok in US, or insist on ByteDance divesting the…

1 month ago

New York City Sues Social Media Firms Over Youth Mental Health

Cash grab or genuine? Social media firms face lawsuit from New York over a mental health crisis among young people

2 months ago

Biden Administration Joins TikTok, Despite Security Concerns

Biden’s presidential election campaign targets gen Z and officially joins TikTok, despite national security concerns

2 months ago

Montana Appeals, After Judge Blocked State Ban On TikTok Use

Montana Attorney General files appeal, after US judge blocked first ever state ban on use of short video-sharing app

3 months ago

TikTok To Restart Indonesia Sales With Tokopedia Investment

ByteDance-owned TikTok to restart Indonesia e-commerce sales with Tokopedia investment after shutting down TikTok Shop in October

4 months ago

TikTok Owner ByteDance To Offer AI Chatbot Customisation

Beijing-based ByteDance to follow in footsteps of OpenAI and others with 'open platform' allowing users to create custom AI chatbots

4 months ago

US Judge Blocks Montana’s TikTok Use Ban

Legal victory for TikTok after US judge blocks Montana's first ever state ban on the use of short video-sharing app

5 months ago

Chinese Social Media Requires Real Names For Biggest Influencers

China's top six social media platforms now require influencers with more than 500,000 followers to display real names in latest…

6 months ago

TikTok Sued By Utah Over Harmful Impact On Children Claim

US state of Utah sues TikTok, alleges it harms children by encouraging them to spend unhealthy amount of time on…

6 months ago

TikTok Confirms Halt To E-Commerce Transactions In Indonesia

TikTok will halt e-commerce transactions on its app in Indonesia from Wednesday, after ban was imposed last week

7 months ago

TikTok Blow As Indonesia Bans E-commerce Transactions

Major blow for TikTok's expansion hopes in southeast Asia, as Indonesia bans e-commerce transactions on social platforms

7 months ago

TikTok Fined 345 Million Euros Over Child Data

After privacy fine from UK earlier in the year, TikTok is hit by a larger penalty from the Irish data…

7 months ago

EC Names Alphabet, Apple, Meta, Microsoft Among DMA Gatekeepers

Twenty two tech core platform services from six DMA 'gatekeepers' are officially named by the European Commission

7 months ago

TikTok Opens First European Data Centre Amid China Fears

Project Clover effort to alleviate Chinese state surveillance fears, sees TikTol open first European data centre, with more to follow

7 months ago

New York City Bans TikTok On Government Devices

Another US location bans TikTok on government devices over security concerns, as nearly half of Americans in favour support nationwide…

8 months ago

China Delivery Giant Meituan Expands Livestream Commerce

Chinese food delivery giant Meituan expands livestreaming to attract consumers in face of competition from TikTok sister site Douyin

9 months ago

TikTok Seeks To Block Montana 1 January 2024 Ban

Chinese-owned app asks US judge to block enforcement of Montana's state ban on TikTok, before 1 January deadline

9 months ago

Silicon UK Pulse: Your Tech News Update: Episode 9

Welcome to Silicon Pulse – your roundup of the latest tech news and developments impacting your business for the week…

10 months ago

TikTok COO Pappas Steps Down

Vanessa Pappas, the chief operating officer of TikTok, has resigned to refocus on her 'entrepreneurial passions'

10 months ago

TikTok To Invest Billions In Southeast Asia For E-Commerce Push

ByteDance looks to Southeast Asia amid Western pressure, and pledges significant investment in region to bolster e-commerce

10 months ago

First Lawsuit From TikTok Users Over Montana Ban

Five TikTok content creators in Montana file a lawsuit in federal court seeking to block the US state's ban on…

11 months ago

Ex ByteDance Staffer Alleges Beijing Had ‘Supreme Access’ To All Data

Lawsuit from former ByteDance staffer alleges China’s Communist Party had “supreme access” to all TikTok data, including US servers

11 months ago

Montana First US State To Ban China’s TikTok

Montana become the first US state to ban TikTok, after its governor signs legislation to halt downloading it from app…

11 months ago