ByteDance Chairman Zhang Yiming To Step Down

Another major shakeup at TikTok’s owner ByteDance, after former CEO and co-founder Zhang Yiming confirms departure as chairman

4 weeks ago

Microsoft’s Nadella Says Failed TikTok Deal Was ‘Strange’

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella says failed deal to acquire the US operations of TikTok was 'strangest thing I've worked on'

2 months ago

ByteDance Sees Revenues Double As TikTok Expands

ByteDance sees revenues more than double in 2020 as TikTok continues rapid expansion worldwide, as Chinese apps face new pressure…

5 months ago

President Biden Drops Trump Quest To Ban TikTok, WeChat

President Biden withdraws a number of executive orders of Donald Trump that sought to ban China's TikTok and WeChat in…

6 months ago

ByteDance’s CEO And Co-Founder To Step Down

CEO and co-founder of TikTok's owner ByteDance will step down - explaining he is not very social and lacks interest…

7 months ago

President Biden Halts TikTok Sale To Oracle/Walmart

TikTok's purchase by Oracle and Walmart halted indefinitely, after President Biden orders review of Chinese national security threat

10 months ago

ByteDance Rival Sees Shares Surge On Debut

China short form video app Kuaishou sees massive surge in value after IPO, marking biggest tech debut since Uber's public…

10 months ago

White House Appeals Judge’s TikTok Ruling

Trump administration has appealed a judge's decision to block US attempts to place tough restrictions on ByteDance's TikTok

11 months ago

Second Judge Blocks US Commerce Dept TikTok Restrictions

Good news for ByteDance, as second judge grants injunction against US Commerce Department restrictions what would have effectively banned TikTok…

12 months ago

Trump Administration Grants ByteDance TikTok Sale Extension

ByteDance granted seven day extension by Trump administration of TikTok sale order to new company including Oracle and Walmart

1 year ago

ByteDance Challenges Trump Over TikTok Ban

'Now Donald Trump has lost the US election, are we still going to be banned?' TikTok owner ByteDance asks in…

1 year ago

US Official Threatens TikTok Closure If Oracle Deal Is Not Closed

US Treasure Secretary warns TikTok will be shut down if Oracle deal is not closed, after reports China won't approve…

1 year ago

Beijing Unlikely To Sanction Oracle TikTok Deal – Report

Chinese state media warn that despite President Trump's approval, China is unlikely to sign off on the Oracle, Walmart deal…

1 year ago

ByteDance Majority Stake Puts Oracle-TikTok Deal At Risk – Report

Plan to keep majority stake in TikTok, will hinder White House approval reports suggest, as ByteDance warns China will also…

1 year ago

President Trump Warns No Extension To TikTok Sale Deadline

Sell up or shutdown. ByteDance's 15 September deadline to sell TikTok operation will not be extended, President Trump warns

1 year ago

Walmart Joins Microsoft In Bid For TikTok

American owner of ASDA supermarket joins forces with Microsoft in bidding to acquire the US and overseas operations of TikTok

1 year ago

TikTok CEO Steps Down Amid Fight With US President

The American face of TikTok has stepped down after just two months in the job, as the firm battles Presidential…

1 year ago

TikTok Launches Legal Action Against US Executive Order

TikTok prepares to sue US government over 6 August order that banned deals with the company after 45 days, as…

1 year ago

TikTok Owner Promises Legal Action Over US Ban

TikTok owner ByteDance challenges US executive order against it, as Trump administration targets WeChat in major trade war escalation

1 year ago

TikTok Selects Ireland For First European Data Centre

Ireland to get another data centre after the Chinese-owned short video app TikTok announces first European server facility

1 year ago

China Lashes Out At Proposed TikTok US Sale To Microsoft

Tech cold war between United States and China continues, as Chinese state media says it will not accept 'theft' of…

1 year ago

Microsoft Looks To Buy TikTok US Operations

Microsoft confirms it is in preliminary talks to buy TikTok's operations in the US, as government threatens to ban the…

1 year ago