Fastly Blames Global Outages On Software Bug

Global outage of major websites on Tuesday was caused when an expected customer change, triggered an undiscovered software bug

8 months ago

Mercedes Recalls Millions Of Cars Over Software Bug

Recall for more than a million Mercedes cars, concerning a call location glitch that is supposed to alert the emergency…

11 months ago

Facebook Code Changes Crashes Dozens Of iOS Apps – Again

Popular iPhone and iPad apps such as Spotify, Tinder, TikTok and Waze offline for hours after Facebook makes changes to…

2 years ago

Windows 10 VPN Flaw Gets Emergency Fix Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

Microsoft issues out-of-band patch for VPN connectivity bug as large portions of workforce work remotely due to Covid-19 pandemic

2 years ago

WhatsApp Bug Can Wipe Out Group Chats, Warns Check Point

Devastating bug found by Check Point that can permanently destroy group chats within WhatsApp with just one text

2 years ago

Microsoft Rolls Back Windows 10 Change That Caused Audio Glitches

Issue is an embarrassment for Microsoft, whose recent Windows 10 bug-fixes have been plagued with problems of their own

2 years ago

Intel Driver Compatibility Issue Blocks Latest Windows 10 Update

'Compatibility hold' bars update for users with certain Intel storage drivers installed, while latest cumulative update fixes latency problem

2 years ago

Mozilla Rolls Out Emergency Fix After Firefox Disables Add-Ons En Masse

A certificate used to validate extensions expired at midnight on Friday, causing most add-ons to immediately stop working

3 years ago

Microsoft Says Windows 7 Activation Bug Was Caused By Server Update

The issue, affecting some volume-licensed Windows 7 systems, occurred at the same time as the release of Microsoft's January patches,…

3 years ago

Google Plus To Be Retired Earlier Than Expected

Goodbye Facebook rival. Google decides to accelerate its “sunsetting” of Google+ after discovery of developer bug

3 years ago

Microsoft Hits Pause On Windows 10 Update After Files Vanish

Some users reported that all the files went missing from their Documents folder after they installed the update, which became…

3 years ago

Operating Systems Hit By Major Security Flaw

Windows, macOS, Linux, VMware, Xen, KVM and others are affected by issues caused by their misinterpretation of chip documentation

4 years ago

BT Admits ‘Whole Home Wi-Fi’ Mesh Connectivity Bugs

Users of BT's Whole Home Wi-Fi mesh network say the devices stopped working properly after BT released a firmware update

4 years ago

GitHub Inspection Discovers 4 Million Flaws In Public Code

Bug hunting. First inspection run of public code libraries reveals four million vulnerabilities

4 years ago

Apple Releases iOS, macOS Fixes For Telugu ‘Text Bomb’ Bug

The issue meant a single character in the Indian language Telugu would cause applications on iPhones, iPads or Macs to…

4 years ago

Apple Fixes Serious MacOS Password Bug

UPDATED: MacOS High Sierra has a serious flaw with admin privileges, as researcher criticised for public disclosure

4 years ago

Facebook Bug Allowed User To Delete Any Image

A flaw in a new polling feature could have been manipulated by a malicious user to delete images of their…

4 years ago

Bug Found In Google Bug Tracker Database

Discovery of bug in Google's bug tracking database lands researcher $15,600 in bug bounties

4 years ago

Unpatched Smartphones ‘At Risk’ From Broadpwn Bug

Android and iOS already issued patches for bug that could result in the spread of unstoppable malware

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: ‘I Love You’ Virus

The 'I love you' worm had a devastating impact on computer networks worldwide seventeen years ago

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Y2K Bug

Computing armageddon was forecast in the lead up to the new century, yet for many the Y2K Millennium bug was…

5 years ago

Bug In Microsoft’s Anti-Malware Software Enabled The Execution Of Malware

The Redmond company has patched the rather embarrassing flaw

5 years ago

Intel Releases Patch For Nine Year Flaw In Workstation And Server Chips

Users with affected computers will need a firmware fix from the machine's vendor

5 years ago

Cisco Discoverers Networking Switch Bug In WikiLeaks’s Vault 7 Data Leak

The bug allows for unauthorised code execution on 318 of Cisco’s switch models

5 years ago

CloudFlare Server Bug Sees Sensitive Customer Data Exposed As Plain Text

Google's Project Zero alerts the content delivery network firm to the flaw

5 years ago

Valve Rushes To Patch XSS Flaw In Steam

The flaw could allow hackers to conduct phishing attacks and spread malware

5 years ago

Apple Patches Safari Bug Causing MacBook Pro Battery Issues

Cupertino places blame on the testing actions of Consumer Reports triggering the flaw

5 years ago

Siri Bug Bypasses Apple iPhone And iPad Password Protection

A flaw in Apple's virtual assistant enables dexterous hackers to gain access to an iOS device's contacts and photos

5 years ago

Schneider Electric Control Tools ‘Vulnerable To Attack’

The control panels can be knocked offline by remote attackers using an unpatched bug, say security experts

5 years ago

Uber Offers “Treasure Map” For Friendly Hackers To Locate Bugs

X marks the spot. Transportation firm offers “treasure map” of computer system for hackers to find vulnerabilities

6 years ago