Facebook Hit With Two Antitrust Lawsuits From FTC And US States

Breakup threat. Social networking giant sued by federal regulator and US states, and could be forced to sell WhatsApp, Instagram

6 months ago

Tech Giants Face Fines Or Even Break-up, Warns EU Digital Head

New European rules to rein in big name tech firms will include the power to potentially break-up firms, EU digital…

7 months ago

DoJ Sues ‘Gatekeeper’ Google Over Alleged ‘Illegal Monopoly’

Breakup threat. US Department of Justice lawsuit accuses Google of abusing its position to dominate search and search advertising

8 months ago

US Antitrust Report Hints At Tech Firm Breakup – Report

Would they dare? US House of Representatives antitrust report includes “thinly veiled call to break up” big tech name firms

8 months ago

Zuckerberg: Facebook Would Defeat Senator Warren’s Breakup Attempt

Leaked audio of Mark Zuckerberg admitting the prospect of an Elizabeth Warren presidency could "suck" for the firm

2 years ago