Elon Musk’s NeuraLink Chip To Stream Music To Your Brain

So long AirPods? Neuralink project will eventually directly stream music into a person's brain, claims Elon Musk

3 weeks ago

AI Mind-Reading To Help Paralysed People Speak

Facebook funded university project to use AI to read minds of paralysed patients and allow them to communicate

1 year ago

Elon Musk Predicts AI Computer Interface For Human Brain

Chip implanted in the human brain by NeuraLink could allow 'symbiosis with artificial intelligence'

1 year ago

Nissan Touts Brain Connectivity As Driving Aid

Lets hope it is keyless entry, as Nissan research says cars in future will tap into signals from the driver’s…

3 years ago

Facebook To Connect Human Brain To Computers

Because that's not concerning. Brain interface to allow humans to communicate with computers

3 years ago

IBM’s Neurosynaptic Chip Aims To Transform Science And Technology

IBM deepens its cognitive computing capabilities with new energy-efficient chip the size of a postage stamp

6 years ago

IBM Chip Prototypes Mirror The Human Brain

IBM's prototype “cognitive computing” chips act like a brain, collecting and analysing information

9 years ago

University Building Human Brain Model

The university of Manchester is working on a model of the human brain based on one million ARM processors

9 years ago