Australian Government Slams Google For Blocking Local Content

Users in Australia complain after Google blocks local websites, after Australia seeks to force tech firms to pay for news…

3 months ago

Facebook Plans China Presence, Despite Ban

Despite its social networking site being blocked in China, Facebook plans “innovation hub” for that country

3 years ago

Prison Service Vows Crackdown On Keyfob Mobile Phones

The illegal use of mobile phones within prisons is back in the news with the arrival of tiny keyfob mobile…

8 years ago

Cameron’s Christmas Cock-up On Porn Blocking

Porn blocking has been announced - through the Daily Mail - without research and without listening, says Tom Brewster

8 years ago

Government ‘Ignores Parents’ And Presses On With Default Porn Blocking

David Cameron reverses decision issued by Department of Education last week

8 years ago

Microsoft Security ‘Blocks Free Software Foundation Donations’

Oops! Microsoft product labels the Free Software Foundation's donation page as a gambling site

9 years ago

O2 Blocks BNP Website As ‘Hate Site’

The British National Party's website is for over-18s only on some mobile networks, something the Open Rights Group has taken…

9 years ago

MPs Want ISPs to Block Porn By Default

ISPs should be forced to provide a censored internet feed to protect children from "adult" content, say MPs

9 years ago

MPs Oppose Social Media Riot Shutdown

A committee of MPs have said social networks should not be closed or blocked during civil disorder

9 years ago

IWF Blacklist Snafu Blocks Access To FileServe

Access to one of the biggest file-sharing websites was disrupted last week after a IWF blacklist problem

9 years ago

DNS-Based Malware Protection Service From OpenDNS

The OpenDNS malware protection service will detect and block all DNS requests to known malicious servers

10 years ago