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Classic BlackBerry Smartphones Discontinued Today

End of life. Users clinging to classic handsets running BlackBerry 10 and older OS warned they will no longer function…

3 weeks ago

US Agencies Urge Patch To Tackle BlackBerry QNX Flaw

Cars and medical devices at risk from a serious vulnerability in the BlackBerry QNX operating system, US federal agencies warn

5 months ago

BlackBerry Phones Live Again, As Texas Startup Promises 5G Device

BlackBerry back from the dead. New BlackBerry phone is promised for 2021, boasting 5G connectivity and a physical keyboard

1 year ago

TCL Confirms End Of Line For BlackBerry Smartphones

The final end for BlackBerry smartphones? Chinese electronics firm TCL Communication confirms no new handsets after August 2020

2 years ago

BBM: End Of The Road For BlackBerry Messenger

Last Friday the world bid goodbye to the once mighty messaging BBM platform, commonly known as BlackBerry Messenger

3 years ago

BBM To Close End Of May

The king is dead, long live the king? Consumer version of BBM will be axed, as enteprise addition opens to…

3 years ago

Android Weather App Collects Personal Data, Warns Upstream

Pre-installed weather app has been harvesting email addresses and mobile identity numbers

3 years ago

China’s TCL Launches Security-Oriented BlackBerry Key2

The high-end device features dual rear cameras, a dedicated shortcut key and unique security and privacy features

4 years ago

Theresa May Surrenders BlackBerry For Apple iPhone

Prime Minister finally hands over beloved BlackBerry in favour of an Apple iPhone

4 years ago

BlackBerry, Microsoft Sign Security Agreement

BlackBerry partners Microsoft to provide secure environment for Microsoft Office apps

4 years ago

BlackBerry Extends John Chen’s Contract With $130m Sweetener

Nice little earner. Five year extension as CEO in return for compensation valued at close to $130 million

4 years ago

BlackBerry Jarvis Is A Connected Car Security Scanner

The Jarvis cloud platform aims to root out security bugs that find their way into the hundreds of software components…

4 years ago

WhatsApp Halts Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry OS Support

WhatsApp announces it is pulling the plug on Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry OS

4 years ago

Silicon Readers Say Android Is The Dominant Mobile OS In The Workplace

Android is used by almost half of our readers at work and some people out there still use BlackBerry

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: BlackBerry

Ultimate survivor. The rise, fall, and rise (?) of former smartphone giant BlackBerry

4 years ago

BlackBerry Results Boosted By Surging Enterprise Software Sales

Who needs smartphones? Turnaround of Canadian firm continues as enterprise software sales hit a record

4 years ago

BlackBerry QNX Will Form The Core Of Delphi’s Driverless Car OS

Delphi wants to create an system car makers and use to develop autonomous vehicles

4 years ago

BlackBerry Can Now Protect US Government From Eavesdroppers

BlackBerry SecuSUITE receives NSA approval to encrypt government calls and texts

5 years ago

BlackBerry Toughens QNX Against Car Hackers

Hacker proof cars? BlackBerry QNX Hypervisor launch allows for partition and isolation of safety-critical systems

5 years ago

BlackBerry KEYone Arrives In The UK With A QWERTY Keyboard

The device comes with a QWERTY keyboard and Android 7.1 Nougat, but will it boost BlackBerry's fortunes?

5 years ago

BlackBerry’s Finances Benefit From Smartphone Exit

BlackBerry's losses narrow as company's optimism rises in post-smartphone era

5 years ago

MWC 2017: BlackBerry KeyOne QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone; Hands-On

Silicon takes a look at BlackBerry's final in-house designed Android smartphone

5 years ago

MWC 2017 Preview: Samsung, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry, 5G And IoT

From smartphones to next-generation connectivity: Silicon runs down the tech to expect at Mobile World Congress 2017

5 years ago

BlackBerry Hits Nokia With Patent Violation Lawsuit

Where is the love? BlackBerry's departure from smartphone arena sees lawsuit against one time rival Nokia

5 years ago

BlackBerry Enters Cloud Communications Market With Secure Messaging SDK

BlackBerry's BBM Enterprise SDK introduces secure file sharing and communication capabilities

5 years ago

BlackBerry Signs Licensing Agreement With India’s Optiemus

BlackBerry likely has its eye on a piece of the growing Indian economy

5 years ago

BlackBerry Boosts AtHOC Crisis Communication Platform

The updated service adds eight new languages to break down communication barriers in a crisis

5 years ago

BlackBerry QNX Dev Platform 7.0 For Arrives For Connected Cars

CES 2017: QNX Software Development Platform touted as ultimate embedded OS for the automotive industry

5 years ago

WhatsApp Still Supports BlackBerry & Nokia… For Now

WhatsApp delays end of life for BlackBerry and Nokia smartphones for another six months

5 years ago