big data analytics

Data Lakes and Big Data Analytics

As the quantities of data collected today by businesses grow exponentially, managing and then analyzing these vast datasets is now…

2 years ago

The future according to Fujitsu: AI, quantum computing, 5G, and the coming struggle for global tech dominance

Fujitsu talks quantum computing, AI, self-driving vehicles, 5G, and the data analytics arms race.

3 years ago

New Fibre Breaks Petabit-Per-Second Data Barrier

The fibre, developed in Australia and Japan, is slightly narrower than standard fibre-optic cable but has 12 times the capacity

4 years ago

Report Praises British Data Expertise But Warns Of Brexit Challenges

New report from data businesses praises British data expertise and government, and also predicts post-Brexit productivity boost

5 years ago

How IBM Plans To Serve The ‘Making Better Decisions’ Business Market

ANALYSIS: IBM's multibillion-dollar strategy for a market no-one else has ever heard of...

5 years ago

HPE Will Create Intel-Powered Supercomputer To Drive BASF’s Industrial Chemical Research

The supercomputer will aim to reduce research simulations and modeling down from months to days

5 years ago

Carbon Black: It’s Time For Next-Gen Endpoint Security

Carbon Black believes now is the time to move on from traditional antivirus (AV) software and embrace the next generation…

5 years ago

SAP Commits £1.7bn To Five-Year IoT Drive

The German software giant will look to build out its IoT offerings, partners and sales push.

6 years ago

FCA Approves Big Data Use By Insurance Industry

But the financial watchdog warns insurers not to use Big Data to penalise certain customers with higher premiums

6 years ago

5 Reasons Why IT Should Embrace End-User IT Analytics

Paul Cash, MD at Fruition Partners UK, explains why IT departments should use analytics to slice and dice valuable data

6 years ago

Big Data ‘Fails Businesses’ Due To Access, Skills Shortage

Skill shortage, red tape, and tardy access to information cited for Big Data failings among businesses

6 years ago

Spotify Buys Analytics Firm For Big Data Music Streaming

Spotify snaps up analytics specialist Seed Scientific, which previously worked for Apple's Beats Music

7 years ago

HP Moves Haven Big Data Platform To The Cloud

HP migrates Haven platform to the cloud allowing customers to access analytics technology within minutes

7 years ago

Dell Announces Data Analytics Solutions For Mid-Sized Companies

Dell and Oracle help customers deploy Oracle Business Intelligence applications

8 years ago

Mapping And Analytics Software Helps Police Weed Out Cannabis Farms

Crimestoppers announces 20 percent increase in information on cannabis cultivation following summer Scratch and Sniff campaign

8 years ago

HP Readies ConvergedSystems For SAP HANA

HP to launch the first converged infrastructure system for SAP HANA, the database for analytics and big data

8 years ago

Intel Touts High-End Xeon Chips For Big Data

The updated Intel Xeon E7 chip lineup offers up to 15 cores and a number of performance improvements

8 years ago

Intel Software Suite Launch Targets Big Data Analytics

Intel builds upon its Hadoop distribution with the introduction of the Intel Data Platform for big data analytics

8 years ago

Big Data Blocked By Poor Storage Structure, Says Report

Data is stored as badly as stuff in a "woman's handbag" says (male) researcher

9 years ago

IBM Project Delivers More Efficient Transportation System

IBM researchers have redrawn bus routes of a major African city, using mobile phone call data

9 years ago

SAS Updates Business Analytics For Cloud

SAS has upgraded its analytics engine with the ability to be deployed in either private or public clouds

9 years ago

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty – We Are Selling To Marketeers

IBM's new CEO Virginia Rometty impresses Darryl Taft as she shifts IBM's sights

9 years ago