Sweden’s Northvolt Gigafactory Begins Battery Production

First Northvolt battery cell has been assembled in northern Sweden gigafactory, as start-up readies for 2022 production run

4 weeks ago

Rivian Delays Long Range SUVs, Pickups To 2023

Rivian has reportedly warned customers it will delay deliveries of its electric pickup and SUV models featuring big battery packs

4 weeks ago

Rivian Shares Hit Record Low On 2021 Production Cuts

Rivian shares slump to record low following November IPO after it cuts production target for 2021 and highlights supply-chain challenges

1 month ago

Australia Switches On Tesla Megapack Facility For Renewable Energy Capture

Australian state of Victoria switches on the biggest battery in the southern hemisphere to provide clean power to one million…

2 months ago

Panasonic Prototype Battery Lasts Five Times Longer

Prototype battery from Tesla supplier Panasonic, has five times the storage capacity of current batteries, and also costs 50 percent…

3 months ago

Ford Touts EVs For The Masses With $11.4bn For New Factories

New 'mega campus' in Tennessee and battery plants Kentucky will bring electric cars to the masses, not just the few,…

4 months ago

Apple iPhone 13 Launch: iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max

Part 2: The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are Apple's premium handsets, geared towards the high-end customer…

4 months ago

China’s Envision Invests In French EV Battery Factory

Investment by China's Envision AESC into electric vehicle battery factory in northern France could create at least 1,000 jobs initially

7 months ago

US Plans Boost For Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling

US administration reportedly planning to invest in more recycling to recover minerals and reduce demand for new copper, lithium, cobalt…

8 months ago

Apple Sets 2024 Deadline For Passenger Vehicle – Report

Project Titan update. Apple hopes to produce passenger vehicle in 2024, with new battery design to 'radically' reduce cost and…

1 year ago

Apple Faces European Lawsuit Over Battery Slowdown

Advocacy group Euroconsumers launches lawsuits in Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal over Apple's deliberate policy of slowing older iPhones

1 year ago

Apple Pays $113 Million To Settle iPhone Slowdown Probe

Deliberately policy by Apple to slow down older iPhone models, results in another financial settlement for investigation by US states

1 year ago

Elon Musk: Tesla Open To Supplying Batteries To Other EV Makers

Makers of rival electric vehicles (EVs) could potentially be able to licence batteries, powertrains and software from Tesla for their…

1 year ago

iPhone Users Can Claim Money From Apple For Slowdown

Users of old iPhones in the United States can now claim money back from Apple, as a result of its…

2 years ago

Chinese Manufacturer Claims ‘Million-Mile’ EV Battery Milestone

Chinese electric vehicle battery giant Catl reportedly worked with Tesla on the new battery technology, which can power a car…

2 years ago

IBM’s New Battery Design Utilises Seawater

No heavy metals. New battery design from IBM boffins does not use cobalt and instead uses minerals extracted from sea…

2 years ago

EU Approves 3.2bn Euro Subsidy For Battery Research

European Commission gives go-ahead to massive investment aimed at building an EU battery industry to support electric vehicles

2 years ago

Tesla Powerwall Battery Installations To Begin In Japan

Global rollout of the Powerwall home battery continues, with Japan installations slated for 2020

2 years ago

Dyson Axes Plan For Electric Car, 500 Jobs At Risk

Despite receiving government funding, Dyson says electric car project is not “commercially viable”

2 years ago

Apple Promises To Be ‘Upfront’ About iPhone Battery Health

Promises UK watchdog that it will be “clearer and more upfront” with iPhone users about battery health

3 years ago

Delivery Robot Bursts Into Flames In California

The KiwiBot food delivery robot was dramatically consumed by fire after a defective battery was erroneously installed in it

3 years ago

German Giants Team Up To Boost European Electric Car Battery Production

Varta and the Fraunhofer Institute have joined forces in a research partnership intended to lead into the manufacture of large-format…

3 years ago

Apple To Replace Some Macbook Pro Batteries

Some Macbook Pro batteries expand due to component failure, but Apple insists it isn't a safety issue

4 years ago

Apple Updates Data Privacy Controls As GDPR Looms

New software adds privacy information to mobile gadgets, with web-based controls on the way for managing data

4 years ago

iOS 11.3 Adds AR Features, Business Chat And More Battery Options

iOS 11.3 will let users switch off the controversial system slowdown for older iPhones

4 years ago

Apple Faces US Senate Questions About Free Battery Replacement

Apple battery-gate rumbles on as US senator demands to know if Apple considered free battery replacements

4 years ago

HP Issues Recall For Laptop Batteries Amid Fire Risk

A number of laptop models from HP pose a fire or burn hazard, prompting the firm to issue an recall

4 years ago

Apple’s Cheap iPhone Battery Replacement Offer ‘To Hurt Sales’

Sales of the iPhone may be badly impacted by Apple's offer to replace batteries at a cheaper rate

4 years ago

Apple Hit By Class-Action Lawsuits Over iPhone Slowdown

Three lawsuits filed in Illinois and California allege Apple 'interfered' with users' handsets, leading to a loss of value and…

4 years ago

Scientists Develop Lithium Batteries Without Fire Risk

No more exploding batteries? Researchers develop water-based Lithium batteries to reduce chance of fire

4 years ago