battery drain

Nearly All Laptop Battery Life Claims Are ‘Overstated’ Which? Warns

Nearly all laptop makers are overstating the battery life of their devices, warns Which

5 years ago

Microsoft Readies Patch For Surface Pro 3 Battery Problem

Limited battery life with Surface Pro 3 is down to a software problem, Microsoft confirms as it readies patch

6 years ago

Super-Long Lifespan Battery Invented By Scientists

Scientists claim rechargeable battery breakthrough with drastically increased battery lifespan

6 years ago

The New Chip That Could Double Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

New chip will potentially tackle one of the biggest bugbears for smartphone users, namely battery life

8 years ago

Microsoft Fixes Skype Battery Drain On Android Devices

Microsoft fixes an irritating problem with Skype on Android devices, which could drain batteries

8 years ago

Apple iPhone Tops Customer Satisfaction Poll

The Apple iPhone continues to remain top dog in terms of user satisfaction, according to a JD Power poll

10 years ago

LTE Power Consumption Triggers Battery Worry

LTE smartphones offer much faster mobile data access, but reports are also emerging of voracious power consumption

10 years ago

Battery Powered Clothing To Charge Mobile Devices

Scientists have touted a flexible battery that can be woven into clothing in order to power mobile devices

10 years ago

Melting iPhone Triggers Airplane Safety Probe

An iPhone on an Australian plane which started to smoke and melt has sparked an investigation

10 years ago

Finnish Proxy Could Slash Phone Power Demands

Researchers say a network proxy will reduce the power consumption of web surfing smartphones

10 years ago

iPhone 4S Users Report Continuing Battery Problems

Users say the iPhone 4S is still having battery drain issues, despite a fix issued by Apple

11 years ago