Bank of England

Bank Of England Issues Fresh Cryptocurrency Warning

Senior official once again sounds warning about risks associated with cryptocurrencies, and urges creation of crypto regulatory framework

1 month ago

Alan Turing £50 Bank Note Enters Circulation

New £50 polymer bank note bearing the photo of WW2 codebreaker and computing and AI pioneer Alan Turing enters circulation

7 months ago

Bank of England Head Warns Cryptocurrencies Are Dangerous

The Governor of the Bank of England continues to express serious concerns about cryptocurrencies, telling MPs they are dangerous

8 months ago

Cryptocurrency Warning From Bank Of England Governor

Blunt message from Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey, warning people only to buy cryptocurrency if prepared to lose all…

9 months ago

UK Taskforce To Consider British Digital Currency

Fancy using Britcoin? Bank of England and HM Treasury taskforce is to explore the option of a central bank digital…

9 months ago

AI Pioneer Alan Turing To Feature On £50 Note

The mathematician, whose early AI contributions included the 'Turing test', is lauded for his wartime codebreaking work and his ongoing…

3 years ago

European Banks, Regulators Prepare Strict Regulatory Response To Facebook’s Libra

Financial Conduct Authority calls for more information, while Bank of France warns of money-laundering risks

3 years ago

AI Poses Jobs Threat, Admits BoE Chief Economist

AI threat. Skills revolution needed to prevent large swathes of people becoming "technologically unemployed"

3 years ago

Bank Of England Opens RTGS To Non-Banks To Aid FinTech Innovation

Bank of England opens its payment system to non-banks to allow payment competition from fintech firms

5 years ago

Bank Of England To Rewrite Core Payment Tech By 2020

The update to the 20-year-old bank-to-bank settlement service is to take into account new technologies such as blockchain ledgers

5 years ago

Bank Of England Tests Blockchain With PwC

Central bank and PwC to test how blockchain could be used for distributed ledger technology

6 years ago

Bank Of England Orders SWIFT Security Review

UK banks ordered to review their cyber security measures after the SWIFT Bank Bangladesh heist

6 years ago

Bitcoin Poses Danger To British Economy, Warns Bank Of England

But only if more people start using it, says a Bank of England report

7 years ago

Bank of England Sets Up Cyber Attack Test Scheme

Bank, UK government and CREST come together to create better stress tests and improved threat intelligence sharing

8 years ago