Coronavirus: UK Removes Data Caps For Home Broadband

Netflix bingeing...main ISPs and operators in the UK agree to remove data caps on fixed-line broadband during the Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Facebook Admits Covid-19 Is Hurting Advertising Sales

Social networking giant Facebook says that Coronavirus is hitting its principle money-making capability, namely advertising sales

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Ofcom Advice For Staying Connected At Home

'Stay connected' campaign tells people to move routers away from other electrical devices and don't use microwave during video calls

2 years ago

Coronvirus: Netflix Cuts Traffic To India

Streaming giant says it will reduce traffic to India by 25 percent as India declares total lockdown due to Coronavirus…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Netflix Urged To Stream Low Definition To Ease Network Strain

European Union Commissioner has urged Netflix and other streaming platforms to stop delivering content in high definition

2 years ago

Nokia’s Ultrafast Routers Tackle Rising Bandwidth Challenge

New IP routers promises petabit-class performance to deliver required bandwidth for Internet of tomorrow

5 years ago

ViaSat’s Most Powerful Broadband Satellite Fired Into Orbit

Inflight broadband should get a lot better as new satellite signals speedier connectivity for travellers

5 years ago

Flights Delayed As Computer Outage Leaves United Airlines Grounded

Travellers complain as a second IT issue in four months leaves United Airline flights grounded for two hours

5 years ago

MIT Reseachers Propose Faster Wi-Fi With MegaMIMO

Bandwidth breakthrough? Boffins in the US reckon new tech can increase wireless data-transfer speed by 330 percent

6 years ago

University Study Finds Adblock Plus Could Save 40 Percent Network Bandwidth

Vanquishing pesky pop-ups and vacuous videos reduces IP traffic in test enterprise network environment

7 years ago

How To Explain Net Neutrality To A Five-Year-Old

The definitive definition of net neutrality by the experts for the kids (and adults, too)

7 years ago

EU And Japan Partner For 100 Gbps Internet

Japan and Europe have teamed up on a number of research projects, including one to develop 100 Gbps Internet technologies

9 years ago

Broadcom Targets Bandwidth With StrataXGS Chip

Broadcom's new BCM56450 chip will help mobile operators struggling with their bandwidth challenges

9 years ago

Cisco CRS-X Router To Tackle Bandwidth Demand

Cisco promises speeds of up to 400 gigabits per second with its new core router, the CRS-X

9 years ago

Global Internet Traffic Predicted To Triple By 2017

Over the next four years Internet traffic worldwide will triple, thanks to more connected devices and faster networks

9 years ago

Cisco Launches Module For 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Cisco beefs up wireless transfer speeds after it adds a module that will support the 802.11ac standard

9 years ago

Test Your Bandwidth With TechWeekEurope’s Speed Test

Are you in the broadband fast lane or on the hard shoulder?

9 years ago

Cloud And Bandwidth Top IT Dept Concerns

Cloud migration and the demand for more bandwidth are some of the top concerns facing IT departments

10 years ago

Mobile Networks Feel The Data Strain

If mobile operators don't start investing in their infrastructure, they will end up crippling the smartphone market, says Tom Jowitt

12 years ago

O2 Network Threatened By Mass Protest

The stability of O2's mobile network could be tested to the limit if a mass protest by O2 users, furious…

12 years ago

Cisco CRS-3 Router Answers Demand According to Analysts

Cisco's powerful CRS-3 router will meet rapidly growing demand for bandwidth, according to analysts, but its closest rival, Juniper Networks,…

12 years ago