Facebook Removes Donald Trump Interview Video

Nope, you are still banned. Video of interview with former US President Donald Trump removed from his daughter-in-law Facebook page

2 weeks ago

Huawei To Receive $2.5 For Each Smartphone Using Its 5G Tech

Chinese networking firm Huawei for the first time ever announces its royalty rates for manufacturers using its 5G technology

4 weeks ago

India ‘To Propose Ban’ On Crypto-Currencies

India reportedly planning to criminalise trading and even holding crypto-assets, even as Bitcoin continues to set records

4 weeks ago

YouTube CEO Outlines Criteria To Restore Donald Trump Account

Way back for Trump on social media? YouTube CEO says threats of violence must fall before Donald Trump account reinstatement

1 month ago

Facebook Oversight Board Confirms Appeal Over Trump Ban

Unnamed 'user' files appeal with Facebook's Supreme Court (the Oversight Board) against the 'indefinite' ban on Donald Trump

2 months ago

Twitter Refuses Indian Request To Remove Accounts

Looming showdown. Indian government request for Twitter to remove 1,100 accounts and posts is refused by the micro-blogging platform

2 months ago

YouTube Extends Donald Trump Suspension

YouTube reviews its decision to ban Donald Trump from uploading to the plaform, and opts to keep its indefinite suspension…

3 months ago

Facebook Refers Donald Trump Ban Decision To Oversight Board

Hot potato. Mark Zuckerberg refers his decision to indefinitely suspend Donald Trump over to its independent oversight board

3 months ago

Turkey Hits Twitter With Ad Ban Under New Law

Controversial law in Turkey governing social media firms, sees Ankara imposing advertising bans on Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest

3 months ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Defends Parler Suspension

Amid criticism of big tech 'censorship' of free speech, Tim Cook defends decision to suspend far right Parler app from…

3 months ago

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: Trump Ban Right Thing To Do

CEO of Twitter opens up about permanent ban on outgoing US President Donald Trump, after criticism from some quarters over…

3 months ago

YouTube Suspends Donald Trump Channel

Google streaming service YouTube becomes latest social network to suspend President Donald Trump, following attempted insurrection

3 months ago

Twitter Permanently Bans Donald Trump

Outgoing US President Donald Trump reportedly went 'ballistic' after he was permanently banned from his favoured messaging outlet

3 months ago

China Bans 105 Apps, Including TripAdvisor From US

Tech clampdown sees Beijing banning 105 apps, as it seeks to remove pornography, prostitution, gambling and violent content

4 months ago

Coronavirus Posts Sees Twitter Permanently Suspend David Icke

Former footballer and conspiracy theorist David Icke, who believes reptilians control the planet, permanently suspended by Twitter

5 months ago

Uber Wins Appeal Against London Ban

Setback for TfL and also London mayor Sadiq Khan, after court upholds appeal by ride-hailing firm Uber against London ban

7 months ago

Judge Blocks TikTok US App Store Ban

US judge issues preliminary injunction barring order that would have made TikTok unavailable in the US, as administration seeks forced…

7 months ago

TikTok US Ban Delayed As Trump Expresses Deal Approval

Trump says he approves of TikTok partnership with Oracle and Wal-Mart 'in concept', as judge blocks US download ban on…

7 months ago

India Bans 118 Mostly Chinese Apps, Including PUBG

India has increased its Chinese mobile app clampdown, with 118 mobile apps including Tencent's popular game PUBG Mobile, now banned

7 months ago

Twitter Hits Wiley With Permanent Ban For Anti-Semitic Remarks

Tweets by Grime musician prompted Twitter boycott, but Wiley also had Facebook and Instagram accounts deleted for 'repeated violations' of…

9 months ago

UK’s Ban On Huawei 5G – Industry Reaction

Decision by United Kingdom to ban the use of Huawei 5G equipment by 2027 draws immediate reaction from operators and…

9 months ago

UK Must Remove Huawei 5G Equipment By 2027

Prime Minister Boris Johnson orders the removal of Huawei 5G equipment, following GCHQ recommendation and US sanction action

9 months ago

Facebook Removes Trump Ad, Cites ‘Organised Hate’ Policy

Symbol used by the Nazis to identify political prisoners used in adverts for the re-election campaign of US President Donald…

10 months ago

Microsoft Bans Facial Recognition Sales To Police

Software giant follows IBM and Amazon with police facial recognition ban until there is national regulation of the technology

10 months ago

Coronavirus: Twitter Clamps Down On Incitement To Attack 5G Towers

Twitter says it is banning 'unverified claims' that could lead to attacks on critical infrastructure, such as the spate of…

12 months ago

German Lawmakers Back Position Not To Ban Huawei – Report

Huawei could be allowed to supply 5G equipment to German mobile operators, a strategy paper from German lawmakers has revealed

1 year ago

Turkey Lifts Wikipedia Ban After Nearly Three Years

Ban on Wikipedia in Turkey for nearly three years has ended after freedom of expression ruling from country's Constitutional Court

1 year ago

Uber Banned In Germany After Court Ruling

Uber's ride-hailing services in Germany have been banned in seven cities after a court found it lacks appropriate licence

1 year ago

Russia Seeks User Ban For Sharing ‘Illegal Content’

Online freedom clampdown? Russian lawmarkers draft bill to block email or messenger users who circulate 'banned' content

2 years ago

Researcher Releases Steam Vulnerability After Valve Ban

Researcher who clashed with Valve over Steam vulnerability, which then banned him, makes public the flaws

2 years ago