TikTok Creators Sue To Block US Divest Or Ban Law

Group of TikTok creators in the United States attempt to block recent law that will force divestiture or ban of…

5 days ago

ByteDance Would Rather Shutter TikTok US, Than Sell – Report

TikTok's 'secret source' algorithm is so core to ByteDance, it would rather shut down US operation, multiple sources have indicated

3 weeks ago

President Biden Signs TikTok Ban Or Divest Bill Into Law

TikTok pledges to challenge 'unconstitutional' US ban in the courts, after President Joe Biden signs ban or divest bill into…

4 weeks ago

FTC Investigates TikTok Over Security, Privacy – Report

Federal Trade Commission reportedly investigating TikTok for its data and security practices, amid US ban threat

2 months ago

US Congress Bans Use Of Microsoft AI Copilot – Report

Risk of leaks. US House of Representatives implements strict ban on congressional staff using Microsoft's Copilot chatbot

2 months ago

China Bans Intel, AMD Chips, Windows OS From Government Computers

Beijing reportedly begins blocking the use of Intel and AMD chips in government computers, and sidelines Microsoft's Windows OS

2 months ago

US House Gives ByteDance Six Months To Divest TikTok Or Face Ban

House of Representatives vote could force ByteDance to divest TikTok within six months, or face nationwide US ban

2 months ago

US Bill To Ban Or Divest TikTok, Advances In House

TikTok faces fast-tracked vote in US House Of Representatives next week, after committee unanimously voted for ban or divestment

2 months ago

BT Risks Fine As Huawei Removal Deadline Nears – Report

UK carrier BT is at risk of a fine as it nears 31 December deadline to replace Huawei equipment from…

5 months ago

US Judge Blocks Montana’s TikTok Use Ban

Legal victory for TikTok after US judge blocks Montana's first ever state ban on the use of short video-sharing app

6 months ago

Canada Bans WeChat From Government Devices

Canada bans Chinese super-app WeChat from government devices, following similar move for TikTok in February

7 months ago

TikTok Sued By Utah Over Harmful Impact On Children Claim

US state of Utah sues TikTok, alleges it harms children by encouraging them to spend unhealthy amount of time on…

7 months ago

China Denies Issuing Ban On Apple iPhones

Chinese official denies reports Beijing ordered a ban on government staff using, or bringing into work, Apple iPhones

8 months ago

TikTok Opens First European Data Centre Amid China Fears

Project Clover effort to alleviate Chinese state surveillance fears, sees TikTol open first European data centre, with more to follow

9 months ago

New York City Bans TikTok On Government Devices

Another US location bans TikTok on government devices over security concerns, as nearly half of Americans in favour support nationwide…

9 months ago

TikTok Seeks To Block Montana 1 January 2024 Ban

Chinese-owned app asks US judge to block enforcement of Montana's state ban on TikTok, before 1 January deadline

11 months ago

EU Mulls Mandatory 5G Ban For Firms Like Huawei – Report

European Union is reportedly considering a mandatory ban on member states using high risk companies for 5G networks

12 months ago

First Lawsuit From TikTok Users Over Montana Ban

Five TikTok content creators in Montana file a lawsuit in federal court seeking to block the US state's ban on…

1 year ago

Montana First US State To Ban China’s TikTok

Montana become the first US state to ban TikTok, after its governor signs legislation to halt downloading it from app…

1 year ago

US Lawmakers Push TikTok Ban Bill After CEO Testimony

US lawmakers signal increased support for bill that could ban TikTok, after five-hour testimony by chief executive Chew Shou Zi

1 year ago

TikTok CEO Says US Data Never Shared With Chinese Government

As he prepares to face US lawmakers, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew says the app never shared US data with…

1 year ago

TikTok Banned From UK Government Phones

Cabinet Office minister Oliver Dowden confirms TikTok is to be banned on government phones over links to China

1 year ago

TikTok Mulls Split From Beijing-Based ByteDance – Report

Last ditch move? To ease growing national security concerns, TikTok is reportedly considering seperating from Chinese parent

1 year ago

UK Mulls TikTok Ban On Government Devices

China's TikTok is being reviewed by NCSC, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hinting UK could follow governmental bans by other…

1 year ago

White House Backs Bill That Could Lead To Nationwide Ban Of TikTok

More bad news for ByteDance, as White House backs bill to give Biden administration new powers to ban China's TikTok…

1 year ago

Germany To Ban Huawei, ZTE From 5G Networks – Report

Years of dithering by German officials may soon end, amid report the country is preparing to ban Huawei, ZTE from…

1 year ago

European Commission Suspends TikTok On Corporate Devices

Expansion of campaign against China's TikTok, as European Commission confirms suspension of app on corporate devices

1 year ago

No US Help Over ITC’s Apple Watch Import Ban Ruling

No help for Tim Cook from Biden Administration, after US International Trade Commission ruling may block imports of Apple Watches

1 year ago

Apple, Google Urged To Remove TikTok From App Stores

A democratic senator in the US urges Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their respective app stores ahead of…

1 year ago