Baidu Head Of PR Loses Job Over Controversial Posts

Baidu's head of public relations leaves company amidst controversy over posts endorsing intense work culture

1 week ago

Report: Apple To Use Baidu’s Ernie Bot In China iPhones

Apple reportedly to use Baidu's Ernie Bot AI in Chinese iPhones, Macs as company prepares AI reveal later this year

2 months ago

Baidu’s Ernie AI ‘Better At Tang Chinese Poetry’ Than Rivals

Baidu chief executive claims Ernie 4 generative AI tops rivals at Chinese language tasks, including composition of Tang Dynasty-era poetry

2 months ago

China Approves More AI Language Models As US Tightens Controls

Chinese regulators have approved more than 40 AI large language models over past six months, as US works to curb…

4 months ago

Baidu ‘Turns To Huawei’ For AI Chips

Baidu reportedly begins ordering AI chips from Huawei, as US export controls stimulate Chinese manufacturers to new advances

7 months ago

Baidu Says Ernie AI Beats ChatGPT In Key Metrics

Chinese search giant Baidu says Ernie AI foundation model beats ChatGPT's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 in key benchmarks, as competition heats…

11 months ago

Baidu Ranks Top In Chinese ChatGPT-Style Chatbot Tests

Tests find Baidu's Ernie Bot ranks above Alibaba's Tongyi Qianwen but behind OpenAI's ChatGPT as competition heats up

11 months ago

Baidu Shows Corporate Chatbot Skills In Closed Session

Baidu shows corporate-focussed chatbot capabilities in closed-door session, but lack of press event triggers investor worries

1 year ago

Baidu Shares Rise On Positive Ernie AI Reviews

Chinese search engine Baidu sees shares rise after analysts write positively about its Ernie chatbot competitor to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT

1 year ago

China’s Baidu Prepares ChatGPT-Style Service

Search engine provider Baidu says putting finishing touches on ChatGPT-style service Ernie Bot as China AI-related stocks soar

1 year ago

China’s Baidu Unveils Autonomous Taxi With No Steering Wheel

New vehicle from Chinese search engine giant Baidu will ship with level 4 autonomous capabilities and a detachable steering wheel

2 years ago

Sony And Honda Team Up For Electric Vehicles

Strange bedfellows? Sony and Honda are to create joint venture, in order to make and sell electric vehicles (EVs) from…

2 years ago

Man Arrested For Pouring Water Over Baidu CEO

CEO attacked. Chinese police have arrested a man who poured water over the CEO of Baidu

5 years ago

Nvidia Joins Forces With Chinese Internet Giant Baidu To Push AI Tech Adoption

The partnership will focus on artificial intelligence in driverless cars, the cloud and research

7 years ago

Baidu Browser Still Leaks Personal Data, Researchers Warn

Look Mum, no encryption! Baidu Browser transmits personal data in the clear, warns Citizen Lab researchers

8 years ago

Samsung Smart Car Speculation Grows As It Forms Automotive Team

Chinese search engine Baidu also exploring move into self-driving vehicles

8 years ago

Baidu Teams Up With BMW For Self-Driving Cars

Chinese search giant may even beat Google in getting its vehicles out on the roads later this year

9 years ago

Intel Partners Baidu For Chinese Mobile Innovation Lab

Intel and Baidu have come together to create an Innovation Lab to exploit China's booming mobile market

11 years ago

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Working On Google Glass Rival

‘Baidu Eye’ is being tested, but it’s not clear if it will reach the commercial market

11 years ago

Data Efficient Orange Baidu Browser Targets Emerging Markets

New browser set to come pre-loaded on Android smartphones in 22 countries

11 years ago

Three Arrests In China Over Baidu “Post-Deleting” Services

Baidu employees are believed to have removed user comments for cash

12 years ago

Chinese Firms Agree To Increase Online Censorship

Chinese firms have pledged to increase their censorship of online content as part of a government crack down

13 years ago

Dell Plans Tablets, Phones With Chinese Giant Baidu

Dell hopes a partnership with leading Chinese search engine Baidu will boost its tablets and mobile phones

13 years ago

Microsoft Baidu Deal Triggers Censorship Concerns

Microsoft's deal to allow Chinese search engine Baidu to utilise Bing is raising censorship concerns

13 years ago

Microsoft Partners With Baidu For China Search

In the latest Chinese setback for Google comes the news that Bing will power English Baidu search results

13 years ago