How Good is Your Enterprise’s Contingency Planning?

The recent fire at the French cloud service provider OVHcloud, which resulted in many websites going offline, illustrates the vulnerability…

2 months ago

Only A Third Have Full Confidence In Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Databarracks survey finds 8 percent of UK businesses are not all confident of their disaster recovery plans

2 years ago

Baltimore Struggles After Ransomware Attack

Ten thousand computers belonging to American city still crippled by devastating ransomware attack

2 years ago

Police Federation Confirms Ransomware Breach

Association of police officers in England and Wales confirms it is the latest to suffer ransomware attack

2 years ago

UK SMBs Struggle To Manage Customer Data, Seagate Warns

GDPR is watching. British firms unsure of basic data protection policies and many still use USB sticks as primary storage…

3 years ago

Veeam Buys AWS Enterprise Continuity Start-Up For £31m

N2WS provides cloud-native enterprise backup and recovery systems for Amazon Web Services, which leads the cloud platform market

3 years ago

IFA 2017: SanDisk Unveils Biggest Ever 400GB MicroSD Card

Sorry iPhone. Android smartphones can now have an extra 400GB storage, with world’s highest-capacity microSD card

4 years ago

Barts Health Trust Cancels Operations Due To IT Failure

A 'major' computer failure beginning on 20 April has led to a number of systems being inaccessible to clinical staff

4 years ago

Microsoft Previews Azure VM Backup Pre-Checks

Azure will now evaluate cloud virtual machine backups for configuration problems that may cause them to fail

4 years ago

Apple iOS 10 Flaw Makes It Easier To Hack iPhone Backups

Researchers uncover “major security flaw” in Apple's iOS 10 backup protection for iTunes as iOS 10.0.2 fixes unrelated headphone issue

5 years ago

DRaaS Awakens: Disaster Recovery Lessons From Star Wars

Sharon Moses, director of marketing at Quorum believes R2D2 and DRaaS have more in common than you might think

5 years ago

Microsoft Speeds Up Azure Backup Cloud Services

Microsoft's Azure cloud backup service gets faster and more efficient with lower cache demands

6 years ago

Dell Upgrades AppAssure Backup Platform

Dell Software's AppAssure 5.4 simplifies the user experience and improves platform support

7 years ago

Microsoft Tackles Exchange Backup Niggles With Update

An update for Exchange Server 2013 delivers a number of fixes, including a backup restoration solution

8 years ago

Dell Combines NetVault Backup With DR4100

Dell Software has integrated NetVault Backup with the Dell DR4100 disk backup appliance

8 years ago

Acronis Joins Forces With LenovoEMC On Small Business Backup

Working with Acronis technology, LenovoEMC NAS systems can now provide automated data protection for smaller businesses

8 years ago

EMC Upgrades Data Protection And Data Domain Systems

EMC has upgraded its Data Domain systems, as well as its data protection suite and deduplication software

8 years ago

CA Partners ExaGrid For Midmarket Backup

CA Technologies and ExaGrid combine their backup/recovery software into one customised appliance

8 years ago

STORServer Targets SMBs With Cloud Backup

STORServer has begun offering a flexible cloud backup solution for small to medium sized businesses

8 years ago

Study: Virtualisation Reducing Effectiveness Of Backup Systems

Backup and recovery tools are becoming less effective as organisations' virtual infrastructure becomes more complex, according to an Veeam study

8 years ago

Seagate’s EVault Returns WIth Free 100GB Cloud Storage Offer

EVault offered a similar cloud backup deal in December, the success of which spurred the current offer

8 years ago

Bitcasa Touts ‘Infinite’ Online Storage

Cloud storage startup Bitcasa has launched and apparently offers "infinite" amounts of secure online storage

8 years ago

Phoenix Offers Cloud To Cloud Salesforce Backup

Info squirted from Salesforce's cloud to anotber one, just to be on the safe side

8 years ago

Sterling Adds SMB Cloud Backup Services

Sterling has launched three cloud backup services for small and medium-sized businesses, using streaming Delta IT and WebDAV for secure…

8 years ago

Fuel Buckets Keep New York Data Centre Live Through The Hurricane

Peer 1 remained online, thanks to a bucket brigade carrying fuel up 18 floors

9 years ago

Is Liquid Air Energy Storage The Key To Making Data Centres Green?

Cylinders of liquid air could back-up your data centre and make the grid smarter, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Oracle Targets Large Backups With New ZFS Appliance

Oracle's new ZFS Backup Appliance can back up full workloads at speeds up to 20TB per hour

9 years ago

Druva Adds Mobile Capabilities To Backup Service

Druva's on-premises enterprise configuration can now control 100,000 devices from a single console

9 years ago

SMBs Lack Adequate Backup Plans, Warns Mozy

A Mozy survey has found that significant number of SMBs don't implement safe backup strategies, despite the risks

9 years ago

Zetta Adds SMB Cloud Data Protection To Backup Service

Zetta has upgraded its DataProtect cloud service to give SMBs a backup solution with no appliance

9 years ago