Government Backs Ad Campaign Against End-To-End Encryption

Public funds to used for government-backed advertising campaign against end-to-end encryption, but security experts argue against the move

4 months ago

Apple Urged To Drop CSAM Scanning Plans By Campaigners

More than 90 privacy groups urge Apple to abandon plans to scan children's messages, and the iPhone's of adults for…

9 months ago

Apple Defends Photo Checking On iPhones

Apple promises to reject any government demands to use, or alter, its controversial detection system of child abuse images

10 months ago

Apple To Scan US iPhones For Child Abuse Images

Slippery slope? Apple accused of creating encryption backdoor as it becomes first tech firm to scan for child abuses images…

10 months ago

US Senators Threaten Tech Firms With Encryption Regulation

Give law enforcement access to encryption or we will regulate the technology, US Senators threaten tech firms Facebook and Apple

2 years ago

Zuckerberg Hits Back Against Encryption Backdoor Request

The United States, UK, and Australia sign open letter to Facebook saying encryption helps child abuse, as they demand an…

3 years ago

Nokia Slams Huawei For ‘Serious’ Security Flaws – Updated

Update - Nokia says that the comments of its CTO does not reflect its official view on the matter.

3 years ago

German Officials Urge Huawei Ban For 5G Rollout

German government urged to follow Australia lead and ban the use of Chinese kit in 5G networks

4 years ago

US Government Pressures Facebook Over Messenger Encryption

Officials want Facebook's help to crack encryption, so they can listen to suspect's voice conversations

4 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Obtained NSA Code From PC Also Infected With Backdoor

Kaspersky's security software had stumbled across NSA code in 2014, but the PC in question was also infected with a…

5 years ago

KopiLuwak Backdoor Refreshed For G20 Cyberattack

Diplomats at risk from a new malware dropper disguised as a document associated with a G20 meeting invite

5 years ago

Australia To Force Tech Firms To Provide ‘Encryption Access’

Australian government to introduce law to force tech firms to provide access to encrypted messages

5 years ago

The Encryption Conundrum: How Terrorism Is Driving Today’s Privacy Discussion

WhatsApp becomes the latest centre of attention as encryption vs privacy debate once again rears its head

5 years ago

Oracle Exec Resigns Over CEO’s Support For Donald Trump

Decision by Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz to join Trump transition team leads to executive resignation

5 years ago

Microsoft To Show Source Code To Brazilian Officials

Amid concern of spy backdoors in its software, Microsoft opens code inspection centre in Brazil

6 years ago

Pokemon Themed ‘Umbreon’ Rootkit Hides In Linux Systems

Rootkit is the latest malicious code to use a Pokemon theme

6 years ago

Tor Network Makes ‘Do No Harm’ Pact With Users In Social Contract

Keeping it open source baby. Tor Social Contract promises no backdoors and complete honesty with its users

6 years ago

Apple Mac Malware Gives Backdoor Access And Webcam Control

Malware targets OS X and gives attackers webcam access via Tor and full access of compromised Mac

6 years ago

Cisco: 12 Million Computers Infected By Tuto4PC Malware

Cisco security researchers say they have found that Tuto4PC software includes a secret Trojan virus

6 years ago

Draft Bill To Penalise Tech Firms For Refusing Encryption Order

US senators close to finalising draft bill that will penalise tech firms who refuse court orders over encrypted data

6 years ago

Apple Tells US Court FBI Request Violates Free Speech

The iPad maker asks court to reserve its order to help the FBI hack into the iPhone of a terrorist…

6 years ago

Apple Praised By Google, Damned By Rigby Family For FBI Refusal

Apple criticised for refusal to unlock terrorist phone, but its stance also receives widespread support from rivals

6 years ago

US Congress To Probe Juniper Networks Firewall Backdoor Code

US congressional probe to investigate who placed the backdoor code into Juniper's firewall software

6 years ago

GCHQ Developed Encryption Software ‘Has Backdoor’

Do we believe them? GCHQ denies software it developed to encrypt VoIP calls has a backdoor

6 years ago

Dutch Government Opts Against Encryption Backdoors

For sure, we will not weaken encryption by insisting tech firms share encrypted communications, says Holland

6 years ago

Juniper Discovers Backdoor Code In Firewall

"Now how did that get there?" Juniper finds sneaky code in firewall kit and rushes out patch

6 years ago

New York DA Targets Smartphone Encryption

Manhattan District Attorney on collision course with tech giants after call for weaker encryption

7 years ago

US Tech Firms Warn Obama To Back Off Encryption

Open letter to President Obama highlights tech opposition to efforts to weaken encryption systems

7 years ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook Slams Tech Rivals Over Privacy

Tim Cook criticised rivals over privacy and warns about government attempts to weaken encryption

7 years ago

Google’s Schmidt Predicts US Government Defeat Over Encryption

The tech industry will win fight against governments over the use of encryption on devices, says Eric Schmidt

7 years ago