Nationwide 30Mbps Satellite Broadband Service Goes Live

Avanti and Avonline offer 30Mbps service to everyone in the UK, claiming rural communities will benefit from affordable superfast broadband

6 years ago

BT Signs Deal To Bring Government Satellite Broadband Vision Closer

BT and Avanti agree deal as government satellite broadband voucher scheme prepares to launch

7 years ago

Avanti Launches Pay-As–You-Go Satellite Broadband

Avanti tries to make Internet access in broadband “notspots” easier than ever

10 years ago

Satellite Broadband Providers Lobby EC For Funding

Satellite broadband needs public funding to close Europe's digital divide, say the vendors

11 years ago

Satellite Broadband: Bridging The Digital Divide

Satellite broadband is not everything to everybody, but it could be crucial for helping the government create a Digital Britain,…

12 years ago

BT To Use Satellite For Cornish Broadband

The Avanti satellite, launched last month, will help BT connect Cornwall and the Scillies

12 years ago

Avanti Rural Broadband Satellite Beats Eutelsat

British-based Avanti will beat Eutelsat to the punch, launching a Ka-Band satellite for rural broadband this Friday

12 years ago