autonomous cars

Tesla Recalls 12,000 US Cars Over Software Glitch

NHTSA confirms Tesla is recalling 12,000 vehicles in the US over a 'software communication error' involving its FSD beta program

1 month ago

Honda To Mass Produce Level 3 Self Driving Cars

Move over Tesla. Honda says it will be the first car maker in the world to mass produce a level…

1 year ago

Tesla Autopilot Scored Lower Than Systems From Mercedes, BMW

Beaten by rivals? European safety assessment scores Tesla Autopilot system lower than similar systems from Mercedes, BMW, and Audi

1 year ago

Tesla Driver Charged For Sleeping As Car Drove At 90mph

Unbelievable! Driver in Canada charged with dangerous driving, after he slept in fully reclined seat as his Tesla car drove…

1 year ago

UK Could Allow Self-Driving Cars On Motorways In 2021

British motorways in 2021 could see self-driving cars in the slow lane, under proposals being considered by the government

1 year ago

Tesla ‘Very Close’ To Full Autonomous Driving, Says Elon Musk

Tesla boss believes cars will be able to carry out full autonomous driving without human attention by the end of…

1 year ago

Former Google Staffer Pleads Guilty To Trade Secret Theft

Former senior executive at Google's self-driving car project, who defected to Uber, pleads guilty to theft of trade secrets

2 years ago

Next Generation Networks: The Promise of 5G

Is 5G the transformative network technology that will revolutionise every industry it touches? We assess the current state of 5G…

2 years ago

Uber Not Liable For Fatal Accident

Uber not responsible for death of pedestrian during autonomous vehicle testing in Arizona last year

3 years ago

Apple Employee Stole Driverless Car Data – Report

Trade secret theft. Self-driving car data allegedly stolen by Apple staff who then tried to flee to China

3 years ago

CES 2018: Intel Delivers 49-Qubit Quantum Chip To Researchers

At CES, Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich outlined the company's latest quantum computing advances and its move into autonomous cars…

4 years ago

CES 2018: Samsung Takes Control Of IoT Devices With SmartThings

The cloud-connected SmartThings app, on the way this spring, aims to give users a single point of control for all…

4 years ago

Waymo And Lyft Form Self-Driving Partnership To Take On Uber

The race to lead the way in autonomous vehicles is showing no signs of slowing

5 years ago

Smart Home Attacks And Data Weaponisation: The New Threat Vectors For 2017 And Beyond

Intel Security's Christopher Young issues some stark security warnings at RSA Conference 2017

5 years ago

Nissan To Test Self Driving Cars In London Next Month

Sign of the times. Modified Nissan Leaf to be driven on crowded public streets in London next month

5 years ago

Nvidia Xavier Supercomputer Aims To Turn Cars Into AIs On Wheels

Nvidia is bringing more supercomputer power into cars, and cloud gaming and Google's AI into homes

5 years ago

BMW Hooks Up With IBM Watson For AI Car Research

Can I adjust your seat? BMW and Big Blue to apply artificial intelligence to future cars, with IBM Watson help

5 years ago

Vodafone Tests 5G Systems To Help Cars Communicate

Vodafone's research could pave the way for self-driving cars

5 years ago

Jaguar Rolls Out Self-Driving Cars On British Roads

Jaguar Land Rover plans fleet of 100 research vehicles that will test connected and autonomous technologies to assist drivers

5 years ago

Ford Ramps Up Self-Driving Car Tests

Autonomous vehicles will now be tested on Californian roads as Ford grows research team

6 years ago