Arizona To Accept Digital Driver’s Licences On iPhones

Going digital. People with Apple iPhones in Arizona can now upload their driver's licence or state ID to their Apple…

2 months ago

Okta Now Concedes Hundreds Of Customers Impacted By Breach

Authentication specialist Okta now admits that Lapsus$ may have in fact accessed customer data, after initially denying a breach

2 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Digital Identity

Mobile devices are so central to our personal and business lives, are the issues around digital identity about to be…

3 months ago

LogMeIn To Spin Off LassPass As Separate Cloud Security Firm

Six years after it acquired LassPass for $110 million, LogMeIn says it will spin out the unit as a separate…

5 months ago

Artists, Rights Groups Protest Use Of Amazon One Palm Scanner

Group of 200 artists and 30 rights groups have written an open letter demanding Amazon Palm Scanner is removed from…

6 months ago

US States Set To Roll Out Apple’s Digital ID System

Eight US states set to offer and accept digital IDs via Wallet app on Apple iPhones, as civil liberties advocates…

9 months ago

Twitter To Relaunch Verification Scheme In 2021

New Twitter policy on how prominent people and organisations can earn the blue tick verification mark, is to be launched…

1 year ago

Amazon One Scanner To Use Veins In Palm For Payments

Amazon One device will scan the veins in a human hand to authorise supermarket checkout payments for example, or entry…

2 years ago

Tech Firms Pledge Child Abuse Disclosures To Blunt Anti-Encryption Drive

Strategic move? Google, Facebook, Microsoft pledge to improve and standardise annual disclosures around online child exploitation

2 years ago

Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Works If User Is Asleep

Eyes wide shut. New flagship Google phone can be unlocked if a person's eyes are closed

3 years ago

Google Offers UK Users Titan Security Key

Small security key connects via Bluetooth or USB, and is designed to bolster two-factor authentication efforts for consumers

3 years ago

Microsoft Previews Blockchain-Based Decentralised ID System

The ION network would use Bitcoin's blockchain for identity assurance, while creating a secondary network to vastly speed up processing…

3 years ago

Facebook Allows Two-Factor Authentication Phone Number Search

Another Facebook privacy worry as it emerges that platform links authentication phone number with user profile

3 years ago

Fake Wax Hand Cracks Vein Authentication

Biometric bypass sees researchers use fake wax hand to trick vein authentication system

3 years ago

Reddit Confirms ‘Serious’ Hack Of User Data

Reddit knew of 'security incident' since 19 June but only alerted users more than a month later

4 years ago

Major Browsers Back FIDO2 Tech For A Password-Free Web

The FIDO Alliance's WebAuthn project is now a step away from finalisation, meaning software and hardware makers can begin implementation

4 years ago

IBM Security Expands Multifactor Authentication Integrations

In a bid to stem the tide of data breaches, IBM offers clients multifactor authentication tech from its partners

4 years ago

Password Expert Regrets Complex Password Advice

William Burr says he basically got it wrong when it came to password advice

5 years ago

Consumers ‘Overwhelmingly’ Prefer Biometric Security For Financial Services

Nine out of 10 consumers and banking professionals want biometric authentication put in place, but a skills gap stands in…

5 years ago

LastPass Can Now Store Two-Factor Authentication Keys In The Cloud

The company argues there's no additional security risk to doing so, as long as they have 2FA turned on for…

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Password

To some the password is the bane of modern day life, to others an absolute necessity to safeguard our digital…

5 years ago

Is Your Heartbeat The Future Of Biometric Authentication?

Could using your heartbeat as a password be the future of authentication?

5 years ago

Mastercard Shows Off Credit Card With Built In Fingerprint Sensor

The technology is being rolled out in South Africa with plans to come to Europe later this year

5 years ago

Visa: Most People Back Biometric Payments

Majority of people want to use biometrics when making payments, with fingerprints the favoured option

6 years ago

Biometrics Offers The ‘Perfect Balance’ Of Security And Usability

Biometrics technology has been around for a while, now it’s time to utilise it properly, Intelligent Environments CTO tells TechWeekEurope

6 years ago

Brits Continue To Share Passwords Despite Knowing Risks

Survey urges Brits to stop sharing login details and using the same passwords

6 years ago

User Behaviour Based Biometrics: The New Frontier

Ryan Wilk from NuData Security tells us why a new approach to biometrics could provide better and more effective security…

6 years ago

Amazon Adds Two Factor Authentication For Online Shopping

Users can now opt for two-factor authentication to help protect themselves against fraud

7 years ago

Are Banks Failing To Keep Customers Safe Online?

Kaspersky Labs survey finds that a third of banks aren’t providing a secure connection for their customer’s transactions

7 years ago

Symantec: How We’re Securing The Internet Of Things

Security specialists offer a ‘Unified Strategy’ to make sure our connected world remains safe

7 years ago