Augmented Reality

Ancient Olympia To Be Preserved As Virtual Reality Archive

Olympia of more than 2,000 years ago turned into a virtual and augmented-reality experience under a collaboration between Greece and…

3 weeks ago

Former Google Boss Eric Schmidt Casts Doubt On Facebook’s Metaverse

Meta warning. Tech industry veteran Eric Schmidt sounds note of caution about Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse virtual world ambitions

1 month ago

Mark Zuckerberg Explains Facebook Meta Name Change

Facebook, err Meta co-founder Mark Zuckerberg explains the rationale for name change to reflect shifting focus to an augmented reality…

1 month ago

Breaking News: Facebook Changes Name To Meta

Facebook does a Google. Amid scandals, social networking giant Facebook confirms it is changing its corporate holding name to 'Meta'

1 month ago

Facebook To Hire 10,000 In EU For Metaverse Concept

With no mention of the UK, Facebook says it is to create 10,000 across the EU to help build its…

2 months ago

Facebook Developing ‘Egocentric’ Artificial Intelligence

Facebook wants to make wearable tech more useful with artificial intelligence trained on massive set of first-person videos

2 months ago

US Army Delays $22 Billion Microsoft Augmented Reality Headsets

United States Army pushes back deployment date of Microsoft's augmented reality headsets, but insists it still really wants them

2 months ago

Facebook Reveals First Gen Smart Glasses

Social network Facebook teams up with luxury sunglasses maker for first generation of smart glasses called 'Ray-Ban Stories'

3 months ago

Snap Acquires British AR Display Maker WaveOptics

Snapchat company buys WaveOptics, maker of displays for augmented-reality glasses, for more than $500m amidst increased competition in emerging field

6 months ago

Snap Offers AR Glasses To ‘Select Creators’

Snap moves cautiously into augmented reality field with AR glasses offered to select creators of Snapchat's popular 'Lens' effects

6 months ago

Apple Teases New Devices With ‘Spring Loaded’ Event

New devices to be revealed next week may include new iPads, AirTags, or even augmented reality glasses, after Apple announces…

8 months ago

Microsoft Wins US Army Contract For Augmented Reality Headsets

Win for HoloLens technology, as Microsoft signs ten year contract with US Army worth $21.9 billion for augmented reality headsets

8 months ago

Facebook Shows Neural Wristband For AR Interactions

Facebook wristband prototype could read neural signals transmitted to hands for AR interaction, but device raises host of privacy questions

9 months ago

Apple Partners TSMC For AR Display Screens – Report

Long rumoured augmented reality push by Apple, reportedly sees it partner TSMC to develop ultra-advanced display technology

10 months ago

An Augmented Reality Future?

Rumours that Apple is actively developing AR technology that would deliver a usable and wearable AR could herald a new…

10 months ago

Neo Factory: The State of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 initiatives are transforming factories in a myriad of industries, from aerospace and health care to plastics and shipping.…

1 year ago

Latest Feature: Intelligent Spaces: Using Smart Cities

The demands from everyone that lives in a city has radically changed over the last decade. Silicon UK considers how…

1 year ago

US Army Develops AR Goggles For Dogs

US Army AR specs simulate laser pointer allowing human handler to direct military dogs from a distance, while seeing what…

1 year ago

CES 2020: Mixed-Reality Glasses Win Praise At Tech Show

Nreal's upcoming augmented-reality headset projects high-quality virtual images in a package that looks like an ordinary pair of sunglasses

2 years ago

Apple AR Glasses Set For 2023 Debut – Report

Rumour mill. Apple's augmented reality venture will reportedly deliver its long-rumoured AR glasses released sometime in 2023

2 years ago

Facebook To Acquire Brain-Control Startup CTRL-Labs

Controlling computers with the power of your mind. Facebook acquires startup CTRL-Labs for $1 billion

2 years ago

Microsoft HoloLens 2 May Arrive This Month

Senior executive comments suggest device may go on sale in September, as Microsoft focuses augmented reality tech on business and…

2 years ago

Google Updates Glass Headset With Industrial, Professional Focus

The redesigned device competes with Microsoft's HoloLens 2 and other enterprise-focused augmented reality displays

3 years ago

UK Tech Sector ‘Unicorn’ Goes Into Administration

Blippar, which pioneered AR software for linking information and adverts to real-life objects and even people's faces, is to be…

3 years ago

Day-Long Oculus Rift Outage ‘Due To Administrative Error’

Facebook's Oculus Rift VR headset was rendered unusable for more than 15 hours after the company forgot to renew a…

4 years ago

Amazon Sumerian Is A Web-Based VR Programming Tool For AWS

The cloud-based 'Sumerian' development tool automates the development of 3D experiences and their deployment across desktop and mobile devices

4 years ago

Apple ‘Prepares’ AR Headset For 2020 Launch

Apple reportedly plans to back its belief in AR with dedicated hardware

4 years ago

Samsung Partners With Google For ARCore Augmented Reality

Google to bring its ARCore platform to Galaxy devices thanks to augmented reality deal with Samsung

4 years ago

Google Previews ‘Android-Scale’ Augumented Reality Engine

The ARCore technology builds on the earlier 'Tango' AR project - but needs no additional hardware and can run on…

4 years ago

Google Glass Returns To Target Business And Industrial Use

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition will look to aid workers in the logistics, manufacturing and medical sectors amongst others

4 years ago