Microsoft Word Can Now Transcribe Audio

No more heavy keyboard pounding? Killer feature added, as Microsoft Word gains ability to transcribe audio conversations into document

1 year ago

Twitter Introduces ‘Voice Tweets’

Twitter introduces audio tweets for limited number of iOS users, in an effort to bring a more “human touch” to…

1 year ago

IT LIFE: James Nesfield, Chirp CTO

Audiophile James Nesfield talks us through his career in IT and the work he's doing at Chirp

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Winamp

Cross platform media player that formed part of the MP3 revolution in the 1990s and early 2000s

4 years ago

SonicSpy Android Malware Records Audio And Takes Pictures

More than 4,000 samples of SonicSpy have been distributed since February, hidden in apps on Google Play and elsewhere

4 years ago

Eavesdropping Malware Discovered Gathering Audio Data In Ukraine

"Operation BugDrop" malware stealthily infects computers and secretly turns on the onboard microphone

5 years ago

Hackers ‘Can Eavesdrop Via Earphones’ By Re-Working Built-In Jacks

Attackers can record sound from hacked systems, even when microphones are muted, switched off or unplugged, finds a study

5 years ago

Android Smartphones Could Also Ditch Headphone Jack With USB-C Audio Upgrade

Android smartphone owners could need new headphones as USB-C gets power-efficient audio transmission

5 years ago

IMAX’s Laser Technology Is The Future Of Cinema

TechWeekEurope experiences “the best way to see film” as IMAX launches its most immersive cinematic development yet

6 years ago

Apple’s Beats Electronics And Dr Dre Sued By Monster

Monster sues Apple's Beats Electronics, alleging “fraud, deceit and corporate betrayal” over headphone development

7 years ago

Twitter Audio Card Delivers Music Option

Second time lucky? Twitter offers new feature to allow users to listen to music from inside its mobile app

7 years ago

Apple To Buy Headphone Specialists Beats For £1.9bn?

Apple goes shopping for headphones to boost streaming and wearable efforts

8 years ago