Saudi Aramco Confirms Data Breach After $50m Ransom Demand

World's largest oil producer Saudi Aramco confirms compromise of some of its data, after hacker demands $50 million ransom

6 months ago

Openreach Engineer Stabbed Five Times Amid 5G Violence

Disgraceful. Engineer suffered five stab wounds amid violent attacks against telecom engineers earlier this year, Openreach boss confirms

1 year ago

Cloud Services Firm Stops Ransomware Attack, But Pays Anyway

Nonprofit technology supplier Blackbaud stops ransomware attack from encrypting files, but pays to ensure attackers delete stolen customer information

2 years ago

Coronavirus: 5G Mast In Liverpool Suffers Arson Attack

Not again. A 5G phone mast in Liverpool has been set on fire, amid foolish conspiracy theories that wrongly link…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Twitter Clamps Down On Incitement To Attack 5G Towers

Twitter says it is banning 'unverified claims' that could lead to attacks on critical infrastructure, such as the spate of…

2 years ago

Cloud Atlas Threat Group Adds Shape-Changing Attack Tools

Prolific cyber-espionage group uses polymorphic malware in targeted phishing emails, making threats more difficult to defend against

2 years ago

Destructive Cyber-Attacks Double In First Half Of 2019

Attacks seeking to wreak havoc on targets' systems have risen sharply, with the manufacturing sector accounting for half of all…

2 years ago

Facebook Campus Given All-Clear After ‘False Positive’ Sarin Alert

Four postal warehouses were evacuated on Monday after parcel erroneously tested positive for sarin nerve agent

3 years ago

Researchers: Malware Surge ‘Could Indicate Imminent Attack’

Another NotPetya? The rapid spread of VPNFilter malware could mean plans for a fresh attack on the Ukraine - where…

4 years ago

YouTube Blogger Kills Herself and Shoots Three Others

Shooter rampage, as blogger shoots three people at YouTube headquarters before killing herself

4 years ago

‘Sophisticated’ DNS Attack Used IoT Gadgets To Target Dyn

The DDoS attack was unusual in its scale and was backed up by a large Mirai IoT botnet, Dyn says

5 years ago

Apple Users Stung By First Ever Mac Ransomware

Palo Alto Networks uncovers nasty ransomware buried in Transmission file sharing software for Macs - infected users will have their…

6 years ago

Greater Manchester Police Website Suffers DoS Attack

Police website knocked offline for several hours following denial-of-service attack

6 years ago

Experts Condemn eBay After XSS Attack Puts Users At Risk

Security experts have condemned the online security at eBay after another attack exposes user data

7 years ago

Brain Dead Security Unleashes Zombie Attack Hoax

US radio and TVs issued zombie attack warnings because of poor security. Wayne Rash wants more brains

9 years ago

ICO Struggles To Get Website Back Online After ‘Bot Attack’

A suspected DDoS hit is causing the ICO problems

10 years ago

TeaMp0isoN Hacks MI6 Phones

Mischievous hacktivists phone-bomb the UK intelligence agency

10 years ago

Cyber-Criminals Turning To ‘Malnets’ For Infrastructure

Attackers are increasingly using established infrastructure to deliver malicious payloads, giving security vendors a new way of offering protection, according…

10 years ago

The Accidental Terrorist – Anonymous’ Stooges Stage Attacks

A poisoned Website is tricking innocent visitors into becoming an unwitting part of the Anonymous DDoS army

10 years ago

Mass SQL Injection Storm Uses Search Engines And Automation

The third mass injection attack in a year uses search engines as a reconnaissance tool to identify sites to hit…

10 years ago

RSA Attack Was Part Of A Wider Campaign: Report

The RSA Security hack was part of a wave of incidents that hit hundreds of companies, according to experts

10 years ago

Massive SQL Injection Attack Hits A Million Pages

LizaMoon attacks may have waned but code injection is still rife with a million pages infected in a new wave

10 years ago

DHS Dismisses Anonymous SCADA Threat

US authorities dismissed Anonymous collective's industrial systems attack threat - for the time being

10 years ago

Linux Headache Is Latest Cyber Security Challenge

Competitors in the Cyber Security Challenge UK have been battling each other to fend of Linux attacks

10 years ago

North Korea Mounted DDoS Attack On South Korea

McAfee has analysed the resilient and destructive botnet that paralysed South Korean Websites in March

11 years ago

Cyber-Thieves Aim At Cloud And Virtualised Servers

Cyber-criminals are attacking virtualised data centre systems and targeting cloud environments

11 years ago

Massive Chinese Phishing Cyber-Attack Targets Gmail

Google has disclosed that a large-scale, spear-phishing attack focused on government officials and activists

11 years ago

Another Comodo Partner Hit By SQL Injection Attack

Though no certificates were affected, a SQL injection attack exposed customer data for Comodo's Brazil partner

11 years ago

Analysts: Free Zeus Kit Will Mean More Malware

The release of Zeus' source code means more cyber-criminals will soon be using the infamous banking Trojan

11 years ago

OpenID Vulnerable To Authentication Attack Flaw

The OpenID Foundation has warned of a flaw that could be exploited by attackers to modify data

11 years ago