At800: ‘Reactive’ Strategy To Freeview 4G Interference Is Working

at800 CEO Ben Roome tells TechWeekEurope it is satisfied how the last 12 months have gone

7 years ago

At800 Stops Shipping Filters As 4G Freeview Disruption Fears Fade

Organisation revises strategy as it seeks to minimise Freeview disruption from 4G at 800MHz

8 years ago

4G Freeview Interference To Affect Fewer Than 90,000 Households

At800 lowers its 4G Freeview interference projections after 800MHz tests

9 years ago

At800 4G Freeview Interference Tests To Start In York

Around 10,000 households are to be notified of 4G Freeview interference tests

9 years ago

Freeview 4G Tests Show No TV Interference In London

At800 says London Freeview signals will not be disrupted by LTE at 800MHz

9 years ago

Brighton Next Location For at800 4G Freeview Tests

Next round of testing to assess impact of 4G at 800MHz to take place on the south coast

9 years ago

At800 Sends 28,000 Freeview 4G Filters To West London Residents

Residents in Brentford and Isleworth are sent aerial filters to block out 4G at 800Mhz

9 years ago

At800 Starts London 4G Freeview Interference Tests

Up to 170,000 households in southeast London are being asked to report any problems

9 years ago

4G Tests Check Interference With Freeview TV

In the West Midlands, phone at800 if 4G eats your Freeview

9 years ago