Julian Assange Jailed For A Year For Breaching Bail

Wikileaks co-founder sentenced to 50 weeks in a British jail for breaching bail conditions

3 years ago

Army’s Lax Security Highlighted In US WikiLeaks Hearing

The theme of the pre-trial testimony of WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning is that US military security was lax

10 years ago

Cash-Strapped WikiLeaks Suspends Publishing

Wikileaks will stop publishing leaked cables, as the payment companies' financial blockade takes its toll

11 years ago

WikiLeaks’ Assange In High Court Extradition Appeal

New legal team for WikiLeaks' Assange will take human rights angle in two day High Court extradition appeal

11 years ago

Lulzsec Is Poisoning Anarchism And Whistleblowing

WikiLeaks exposed information and Anonymous attacked copyright moguls. Peter Judge asks, what is Lulzsec's justification?

11 years ago

Assange To Speak At Cambridge Union

The WikiLeaks founder will speak to Cambridge students as he awaits the results of an extradition appeal

11 years ago

Assange Faces Court, Anonymous Defaces “FBI Snitch”

As WikiLeaks' Julian Assange faces possible extradition, his supporters attacked an FBI informer online

11 years ago

Iceland Hits Back At WikiLeaks Investigation

The US ambassador has been called to explain why an Icelandic MP is under investigation over WikiLeaks

11 years ago

Twitter Fights US Court Demands For WikiLeaks Details

Twitter is fighting a US court's demand, made in December, for details of WikiLeaks supporters

11 years ago

All Not-So-Quiet On The WikiLeaks Front

WikiLeaks-related issues have quietened down, says Eric Doyle. This is just the lull before a storm that will ring in…

11 years ago

Assange Defence Fund Backed By Pilger And Others

A legal defence fund for WikiLeaks' Julian Assange has been set up, backed by journalist John Pilger

11 years ago

WikiLeaks’ Assange Released On Bail

At the hearing that confirmed Julian Assange's release on bail, the judge banned live Twitter updates

11 years ago

Scotland Yard Has Been After Anonymous for Months

Scotland Yard has confirmed it has been investigating Anonymous since before the WikiLeaks wars broke out

11 years ago

Advisor Warns Of WikiLeak Attacks On Government Websites

National security advisor Sir Peter Ricketts says WikiLeaks supporters may attack government sites

11 years ago

WikiLeaks Judge Allows Tweeting In Court

The judge who granted bail to Julian Assange yesterday allowed reporters to tweet from the courtroom

11 years ago

Assange Granted Bail And Vows To Continue Fight

Visa, Mastercard and Paypal labelled American stooges as Wikileaks founder Assange is granted bail in London

11 years ago

US Investigation Of WikiLeaks’ Assange Is Misguided

The US government has no business investigating Julian Assange for publishing secret diplomatic messages, says Wayne Rash

11 years ago

WikiLeaks Revenge Attack Threatens Cameron’s Online Aspirations

If Anonymous hacktivists succeed in bringing down the site, it could trigger a rethink for Cameron

11 years ago

WikiLeaks’ Assange Arrested In Britain

Assange denies rape allegations, while cyber attacks hit both opponents and supporters of WikiLeaks

11 years ago