Facebook, Google Reveal Apricot Undersea Cable For Asia

New undersea cable from Facebook and Google to connect Japan with south east Asia, to increase capacity, redundancy and reliability

4 months ago

Facebook Plans Two Cables Linking US To Asia

Facebook backs two new undersea cable projects creating direct link from North America to Singapore and key Indonesian market

8 months ago

Sowbug Hacking Group Targets South America & Asian Governments

Previously unknown hacking group found targeting foreign policy and diplomatic targets

4 years ago

Google Cloud Platform Expands In Asia With New Japan Data Centres

Google Cloud Platform expands into Asia with new region in Tokyo Japan as it prepares for worldwide expansion in 2017

5 years ago

Malicious Android Apps Due To Increase By 400 Percent In 2016

Webroot's threat intelligence data identifies Asian countries as a hotbed of malicious IP addresses

5 years ago

Google Reveals Plans For Second, Larger Singapore Data Centre

To meet growing Internet demand, Google is bolting on a multi-tier data centre to its Singapore build - pushing spending…

7 years ago

Equinix’s Flagship Asia Pacific Data Centre Goes Green

Singapore Equinix IBX data centre gets green award for its solar power and cooling technology

7 years ago

Telstra Network Gets Bandwidth Boost With 100Gbps Undersea Cables

Telstra signals Asian expansion ambitions with cable upgrade that can support Asian and US customers dealing with high bandwidth cloud…

7 years ago

Global PC Market To Continue Decline, Has Zero Percent Future Growth Rate – IDC

Projections from IDC predict six percent fall in PC shipments this year and zero percent long term growth rate

8 years ago

Google Opens Asian Data Centres In Singapore And Taiwan

Google's Taiwan and Singapore data centres are greener than previous ones - and avoid Chinese repression

8 years ago

UK Average Broadband Speeds Fall in Q4

Speeds decline worldwide but remain high in Asia

10 years ago

Rising Costs In India Fail To Dim Offshore Attraction

Gartner says India remains the top outsourcing zone in Asia but other countries, like Vietnam, are catching on

11 years ago