Artificial Intelligece

OpenAI To Announce Google Search Competitor Next Week – Report

Google's search domination to be challenged next week, with OpenAI reportedly set to announce its own AI search product

2 weeks ago

Google Fined 250 Million Euros By French Competition Watchdog

Another stiff fine against Google from French officials – this time 250 million euros for breaching IP rules to train…

2 months ago

AWS re:Invent: Amazon Nvidia Expand Collaboration

Amazon Web Services and Nvidia expand partnership with new supercomputing infrastructure, software and services for generative AI

6 months ago

ChatGPT Back Online After “Major Outage”

OpenAI's ChatGPT service is back online after “major outage” on Wednesday afternoon that lasted just short of two hours

7 months ago

Amazon Creates Team For ‘Olympus’ AI Model – Report

More AI moves by Amazon, amid report of hefty funding for development of large language model (LLM) to rival ChatGPT

7 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: UK, US, China, EU Sign Declaration Of AI’s Danger

Bletchley Declaration sees major nations all agreed that artificial intelligence poses a potential catastrophic risk to humanity

7 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: Elon Musk Says Summit Seeks AI Referee

Elon Musk says summit seeks to establish “third-party referee” for AI companies, as Kamala Harris calls for “urgent action” on…

7 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: Who Is Attending Summit At Bletchley Park?

World's first AI summit begins at Bletchley Park, with PM Rishi Sunak, US Vice-President Kamala Harris, Elon Musk among those…

7 months ago

Ghosts in the Machine: How Machine Learning is Transforming Business

As AI expands to touch every aspect of your business, how can your company embrace machine learning? What are the…

5 years ago