McAfee Ends Government Source Code Reviews

The US security firm has banned future reviews of its products' source code by governments amidst growing tension over cyber-espionage

5 years ago

Micro Focus Bans Source Code Reviews By ‘High Risk’ Governments

The company's move follows HPE's admission it allowed a Russian military agency to inspect the source code of security tool…

5 years ago

HPE Allowed Russian Military To Review Code Of Pentagon Security Tool

Some argue the source code review could make it easier for Russia to find weaknesses in ArcSight, a key US…

5 years ago

Micro Focus Touts Expanded Security Portfolio After HPE Deal

After absorbing HPE Software assets, Micros Focus touts its expanded security offerings

5 years ago

HP Tackles Security Risks With Integrated Platform

HP is to assist businesses struggling to tighten up their security with an integrated platform that spans multiple environments

10 years ago

HP Revamps Enterprise Security Portfolio

HP has integrated its acquired security packages into a new cloud and mobile-focused platform

11 years ago

In Security, Life’s Too Short To Play Catch-Up

Attacks on companies have grown by 44 percent this year, according to HP, and anti-malware products are failing to keep…

11 years ago