Microsoft Discloses True Scale Of Russian Cyberattacks On Ukraine

Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine have been extensive and linked with its military operations, Microsoft reveals for first time

3 months ago

China Backed Hackers Compromised Six US State Governments – Mandiant

Prolific Chinese state-sponsored hackers APT41 has compromised at least six US state government networks, Mandiant has warned

5 months ago

Coronavirus: Chinese Hackers APT41 Seek Exploits Amid Pandemic

Security researcher warn Chinese state-sponsored hackers are conducting a widespread campaign, despite the Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

Hidden Exchange Server Attack Steals Passwords

The malware on a company's Exchange server remained undetected for months

7 years ago

Advanced Persistent Threats Going Unnoticed By Website Owners

Websites are failing to cope with Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), despite many of them not being advanced at all, says…

7 years ago

Beware – Duqu Has Returned, Kaspersky Reveals

‘Highly sophisticated’ Duqu 2.0 threat infects nuclear discussions and even attacked Kaspersky’s own systems, firm admits

7 years ago

Luxury Hotel Wi-Fi Hacked To Target Business Executives

Specially-designed “Darkhotel” APT uncovered by Kaspersky in hotels across the world

8 years ago

Companies Fret Over Targeted Attack Success

Companies are increasingly concerned they will not get better at defending against sophisticated attacks

9 years ago

Another Mac APT Attack Spotted

The SabPub APT is still active and is going after Mac machines

10 years ago

EU-US Excercise Tests SCADA And APT Threats

Cyber Atlantic 2011, the first joint US-EU cyber security exercise, takes on the top new threats

11 years ago

Symantec: Mobile Malware Follows The Money

The malware threat in smartphones is only just beginning as criminals seek to find financial benefits

11 years ago

New Acts Perform At The RSA Security Circus

Roll up, Roll up. See the amazing feats as security vendors tame wild APTs and put Trojan horses through their…

11 years ago

IBM Secures Q1 Labs SIEM For Data Analytics

IBM is buying Q1 Labs to expand its business security portfolio with deep analytics capabilities

11 years ago

Executives Discuss Security Breaches At APT Summit

Over 100 senior executives met behind closed doors to talk freely about the APT threat and regulatory changes

11 years ago

In Security, Life’s Too Short To Play Catch-Up

Attacks on companies have grown by 44 percent this year, according to HP, and anti-malware products are failing to keep…

11 years ago

APTs Cause Concern But User Behaviour Is Unchecked

Security pros are concerned about targeted attacks but continue to allow employees too much freedom

11 years ago

Chinese HTran Root To RSA Hack Revealed By Dell

Dell's security division has unearthed the HTran bouncer that acted as a go-between in the RSA Security hack

11 years ago

Advanced Attacks On The Rise For Larger Companies

The number of advanced persistent threats has quadrupled since the beginning of the year, according to Cisco

11 years ago

Northrop Grumman Fends Off Advanced Attacks

Northrop Grumman says it has been repelling advanced threats seeking sensitive data for several years

11 years ago

Low-Level Malware, Not APTs, Worry IT Professionals

Security professionals are more concerned about malware and spyware than “advanced persistent threats”

11 years ago

Gartner Touts Reprovisioning For Threat Protection

Analysts at Gartner are advocating workload reprovisioning as the best protection against advanced attacks

11 years ago

APT Detection Appliance Launched By Trend Micro

Trend Micro adds real-time, network monitoring and remediation tools to detect advanced persistent threats

11 years ago

Report: Claims Of Advanced Attacks Usually Wrong

Companies increasingly calling 'advanced persistent threat' instead of admitting to security system failures

11 years ago

Security Conference Season To Break All Records

London is host to two security conferences this week and the past "annus horribilis" has given them plenty to analyse,…

11 years ago