UK Regulator Flags Competition Risks Of AI Foundation Models

British competition regulator has “real concerns” regarding AI foundation models controlled by small number of firms

1 day ago

Apple Staff At New Jersey Store Seek To Unionise

Union push. Workers at another Apple Store in the United States have reportedly filed for trade union representation

2 days ago

Apple Doubles iPhone Production In India – Report

Apple now reportedly assembles about 1 in 7 of its iPhones in India, suggesting an accelerating shift from China

3 days ago

PC Shipments Return To Pre-Pandemic Levels In First Quarter

PC shipments return nearly to levels of 2019 following post-pandemic slump as users flock to AI PCs, start replacing Covid-19-era…

4 days ago

EU Assessing Apple Compliance Plan That Provoked Anger

Commission evaluating proposed Apple plan that allows developers to provide information on alternative payments, but keeps fees in place

5 days ago

Apple Axes 600 Staff In First Layoffs Since Pandemic

Hundreds of Apple staff are to be handed their marching orders, reportedly centred on cancelled self-driving EV project

1 week ago

Apple To Bring RCS To iPhones Autumn 2024, Says Google

Finally on the way? Google webpage briefly indicates that Apple will bring RCS to the iPhone by Autumn this year

2 weeks ago

Smartphone Shipments To Rebound In 2024, Says Counterpoint

Relief for Apple, Samsung etc after smartphone shipments are predicted to recover in 2024, as inflation eases

2 weeks ago

Report: Apple To Use Baidu’s Ernie Bot In China iPhones

Apple reportedly to use Baidu's Ernie Bot AI in Chinese iPhones, Macs as company prepares AI reveal later this year

3 weeks ago

Apple Hit By Private Lawsuits Imitating Justice Department Approach

Apple hit by at least three new class-action lawsuits imitating Justice Department antitrust action alleging anticompetitive behaviour

3 weeks ago

EU Opens Investigation Into Apple, Google, Meta

EU launches probe into Apple, Google and Meta's competition practices under new DMA rules as pressure mounts on tech giants

3 weeks ago

Microsoft, Meta, X, Match Group Challenge Apple App Store Terms

Big tech players side with Epic Games, and allege Apple is flouting court order over its App Store in the…

3 weeks ago

US Government, US States Sue Apple For Smartphone Monopoly

Apple accused of making it harder to switch phones, hampering innovation, and imposing costs on developers

3 weeks ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Reassures China Of Supply Chain Importance

CEO Tim Cook visits Shanghai and stresses China's importance in Apple's supply chain, amid Chinese sales squeeze

3 weeks ago

Apple In Talks With Google To Bring Gemini AI To iPhones

Apple reportedly in talks with Google to use Gemini for generative AI tasks on iPhones in potentially major win for…

4 weeks ago

Norfolk County Council Wins $490m Payout From Apple

Apple agrees to $490m settlement of class-action lawsuit led by Norfolk County Council for allegedly misleading investors over slump in…

4 weeks ago

Apple Reverses Course On Epic Games EU Ban

Apple restores Epic Games EU developer account one day after European Commission regulators question the ban, as new rules come…

1 month ago

Apple iPhone Sales In China Plummet 24 Percent

New data from Counterpoint reveals Apple iPhone sales in China have plummeted 24 percent in the first six weeks of…

1 month ago

Apple Adds ‘AI’ M3 Chip To MacBook Air Laptops

Apple adds latest M3 chip to thin-and-light MacBook Air laptops as it touts on-device AI capabilities, looks for sales recovery

1 month ago

EU Fines Apple 1.8bn Euros Over Music Streaming Restrictions

European Commission fines Apple 1.8bn euros over 'anti-competitive' music streaming restrictions in company's first EU penalty

1 month ago

Apple Reverses Course Over EU Ban On Web Apps

Apple to allow iOS web apps in EU after previously planning to disable them as Digital Markets Act 'compliance' measure

1 month ago

Apple To Disclose AI Plans This Year, Says Tim Cook

CEO Tim Cook once again indicates Apple will open up about its generative artificial intelligence plans later this year

1 month ago

Apple Cancels Much Delayed Electric Car Project

Project Titan is dead. Apple reportedly winds down its delayed electric car project, after a decade of research and development

2 months ago

Apple Beefs Up iMessage With Quantum-Proof PQ3 Protocol

Apple says PQ3 is a groundbreaking post-quantum cryptographic protocol to protect iMessage's end-to-end messaging

2 months ago

What Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Apple Vision Pro Headset

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg opens up about the recently released Apple Vision Pro headset in Instagram post

2 months ago

Apple, Microsoft Win Exemption From EU Gatekeeper Designation

Apple's iMessage and Microsoft Bing win exemption that would subjected those services to Europe's tough DMA rules

2 months ago

Chinese Tablet Vendors Post Strong Growth Amid Global Slump

China's Huawei, Lenovo show strong tablet shipment growth in fourth quarter of 2023 amid global market slump, as Apple iPad…

2 months ago

Huawei Retakes Top China Smartphone Sales Spot

Huawei retakes No. 1 sales rank in China with premium 5G handset, in spite of US trade sanctions in place…

2 months ago

Apple Lowers iPhone Forecast, As Tim Cook Touts ‘AI Announcement’

Modest increase in first quarter profit and revenues, as Apple lowers iPhone shipment forecast, amid China sales decline

2 months ago

Apple Warns UK Against Instituting ‘Secret Veto’ On Security Tech

Amendments to Investigatory Powers Act amount to 'secret veto' enabling UK government to block new security features worldwide, Apple argues

2 months ago