Tech Industry Scrambles Over Log4j Vulnerability

Vulnerability found in Apache logging library Log4j exposes popular apps, websites and online services to attack and exploitation

5 months ago

How To Understand Your Customers Better With A ‘360-Degree’ Big Data View

Organisations are striving to better understand their customers and it's data, used properly, that makes all the dfference

6 years ago

OpenOffice In Danger Of Retirement, Warns Project Leader

Lack of developers blamed, but others cite poor support from Apache for the Microsoft Office alternative

6 years ago

Hortonworks Tackles Cybercrime With Open Source Apache Metron

Apache Metron community is a vital army in the battle against cybercriminals, says Hortonworks

6 years ago

What Is Apache Spark And Why Choose It?

Tugdual Grall, technical evangelist at MapR Technologies, looks at the rise of Apache Spark and why everyone’s talking about it

6 years ago

IBM Launches Apache Spark-as-a-Service Offering

At its Insight 2015 conference, IBM announced a series of new solutions, including a Spark-as-a-Service offering on IBM Bluemix

7 years ago

Nginx Plus 2.0 Targets Enterprises With Commercial Improvements

The open source Nginx Web server continues to gain commercial enhancements to broaden its appeal

8 years ago

Apache CloudStack 4.2 Bolsters Open Source Cloud Cause

The open source cloud just got a bit more advanced following the Apache CloudStack 4.2 release

9 years ago

Apache Ships Cassandra 2.0 Open-Source Database

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) launches version 2.0 of the Cassandra NoSQL database

9 years ago

Darkleech Campaign Escalates To Breach Thousands More Apache Servers

Tens of thousands of IPs are serving up the Blackhole exploit kit thanks to Darkleech

9 years ago

Super Stealthy Backdoor Spreads To Hit Hundreds Of Thousands Of Web Users

Cdorked almost matches Stuxnet for sophistication, researcher tells TechWeek

9 years ago

Thousands Threatened By Super Stealthy Apache Backdoor

Hundreds of servers affected, leaving thousands open to infection, ESET warns

9 years ago

Intel Looks To Big Data With Own Hadoop Distribution

Intel continues its big data move by offering its own Hadoop platform, optimised for Xeon server chips

9 years ago

Flex Graduates To Top-Level Project Status At Apache

Apache Flex, formerly Adobe Flex, is an open-source platform for rich Internet applications originally developed by Macromedia

9 years ago

CloudStack Achieves First Release As Apache Incubator Project

CloudStack 4.0 adds integrated Amazon Web Services support, among other features, as the project expands beyond Citrix

10 years ago

Apache Promotes OpenOffice As Top-Level Project

The OpenOffice productivity suite is now an Apache top-level project, but will LibreOffice users care?

10 years ago

ASF Bowls Apache Wicket 6.0 At Open Sourcers

The Apache Software Foundation has released Apache Wicket 6.0, the latest version of its Java Web app framework

10 years ago

Apache ‘Drill’ Speeds Hadoop Queries

Drill, backed by MapR Technologies, is aimed at looking for much faster ways of completing Hadoop big-data queries

10 years ago

Apache Promotes Big Data Tool

Sqoop, a big data tool for transferring data between Hadoop and structured data stores, has graduated to top-level project status…

10 years ago

Apache Rave Graduates To Top-Level Status

The open source mashup platform Apache Rave has moved out of the Apache Software Foundation's incubator to become a top-level…

10 years ago

Microsoft Will Make Hadoop Data Available Through Excel

With Excel output, the Big Data crunching platform could become more appealing to smaller companies

10 years ago

VMware Helps Java Developers Handle Big Data With Spring Hadoop

VMware's Spring Hadoop targets enterprise Java developers who want to create Big Data analysis applications

10 years ago

Apache Marks 17th Birthday With HTTP Server 2.4

Apache has celebrated the 17th anniversary of its HTTP Server by delivering version 2.4, tuned for the cloud

10 years ago

Apache Deltacloud Graduates To Top-Level Project

Apache's Deltacloud cloud interoperability toolkit has graduated from incubator status to a top-level project

10 years ago

Birst Looks To Ease Hadoop Adoption Concerns

Birst is offering to help companies battling with 'big data' after announcing support for Hadoop

10 years ago

Informatica Teams Up On Free Hadoop Parser

The Informatica/Hortonworks parser turns complex data into structured or semi-structured format in Hadoop

11 years ago

Apache Re-affirms Backing For OpenOffice.org

The Apache Foundation has declared OpenOffice.org as an official part of its incubation scheme

11 years ago

Apache Killer DoS Bug Patched By Oracle

Oracle patched the Apache Killer vulnerability in Oracle Fusion Middleware and Application Server

11 years ago

Patch Promise For Apache Killer DoS Vulnerability

Apache has promised to patch a vulnerability that exposes Web servers to denial of service attacks

11 years ago

WANdisco Adds Context To Apache Subversion

WANdisco offers uberSVN and its app store to unify the software Apache Subversion development process

11 years ago