Apache Software Foundation

OpenOffice In Danger Of Retirement, Warns Project Leader

Lack of developers blamed, but others cite poor support from Apache for the Microsoft Office alternative

6 years ago

Open Source Developers Are ‘Too White And Too Male’

An Apache Software Foundation executive has slammed white men in the Open Source community for stifling diversity among project contributors

7 years ago

Apache Ships Cassandra 2.0 Open-Source Database

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) launches version 2.0 of the Cassandra NoSQL database

9 years ago

Apache OpenOffice Valued at £13m Per Day

Open source Apache OpenOffice is worth £13m a day based on the number of average daily downloads

9 years ago

Dell Lends An ARM Server Concept To Open Source Community

Dell donates a concept to the Apache Software Foundation, as ARM server revolution gets going

10 years ago

Apache Promotes OpenOffice As Top-Level Project

The OpenOffice productivity suite is now an Apache top-level project, but will LibreOffice users care?

10 years ago

ASF Bowls Apache Wicket 6.0 At Open Sourcers

The Apache Software Foundation has released Apache Wicket 6.0, the latest version of its Java Web app framework

10 years ago

Twitter To Sponsor Open-Source Development

Twitter looks to open up with its Apache Software Foundation support

10 years ago

Apache Marks 17th Birthday With HTTP Server 2.4

Apache has celebrated the 17th anniversary of its HTTP Server by delivering version 2.4, tuned for the cloud

10 years ago

Apache Deltacloud Graduates To Top-Level Project

Apache's Deltacloud cloud interoperability toolkit has graduated from incubator status to a top-level project

10 years ago

Apache Releases Stable Hadoop Version 1.0 Framework

The Apache Software Foundation has officially delivered the much-anticipated version 1.0 of the Apache Hadoop framework

11 years ago

Apache Re-affirms Backing For OpenOffice.org

The Apache Foundation has declared OpenOffice.org as an official part of its incubation scheme

11 years ago

IBM Donates Lotus Symphony Code To OpenOffice

IBM is donating the source code of its Office suite (Lotus Symphony) to the OpenOffice project

11 years ago

Apache Launches Updated Open Source Database

The next generation Cassandra open-source database has been announced by The Apache Software Foundation

12 years ago

Apache Threatens Oracle With Java Exit Over Licence Row

The Apache Software Foundation has threatened to quit the Java governing body over a licensing row with Oracle

12 years ago

Apache Updates Tomcat Java Web Server

Apache has upgraded the Tomcat web server by releasing version 7.0, the first major release of the software since 2006

12 years ago

Apache HTTP Web Server Turns 15

The Apache HTTP Web Server is celebrating its fifteenth birthday following its launch way back in the 1990s

12 years ago