US Proposal Would Ban Big Tech Firms From Buying Anything, Ever

Proposal by US Senator Josh Hawley would permanently ban companies over $100bn in market capitalisation from all mergers and acquisitions

3 days ago

FTC Asks US Court Not To Grant Facebook Antitrust Dismissal Request

FTC and US states ask US federal court not to grant Facebook's request to dismiss their antitrust lawsuits filed against…

1 week ago

CMA Deepens Probe Of Facebook Giphy Deal, After No Concessions

Facebook refuses to offer any antitrust concessions over Giphy acquisition, prompting in-depth probe by UK competition watchdog

2 weeks ago

India Orders Watchdog Probe Over WhatsApp Privacy Policy

WhatsApp's largest market in India is launching an official antitrust investigation over its mandatory privacy policy update

3 weeks ago

Google, Microsoft Feud Over Antitrust, Hacking Issues

Google and Microsoft trade barbs as US House of Representatives antitrust subcommittee reviews measures that would force payments to news…

1 month ago

Facebook Urges Dismissal Of Lawsuits From US Government, US States

Social networking giant Facebook asks a US federal court to dismiss three antitrust lawsuits, saying there is no evidence or…

1 month ago

White House Appoints Big Tech Critic Tim Wu As Adviser

Tim Wu appointed as adviser on technology and competition policy, signalling hard line on 'abuse of power' by large technology…

1 month ago

CMA Launches Probe Of Apple’s App Store Policies

Competition and Markets Authority launches investigation of Apple for suspected anti-competitive behaviour with app developers

1 month ago

Consumer Group Which? Targets Qualcomm In Legal Action

Legal action against Qualcomm could result in 29 million UK 4G smartphone owners being entitled to possible £30 compensation

2 months ago

Epic Games Files Apple Antitrust Complaint With EU

Epic Games presses nuclear option and files an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Commission

2 months ago

Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm Object To Nvidia Acquisition Of ARM

Growing opposition by big name players in the tech industry to Nvidia's proposed acquisition of ARM, which is also facing…

2 months ago

UK Regulator To Probe Uber Purchase Of Autocab

Uber's attempt to purchase British rival Autocab is being officially investigated by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

3 months ago

Facebook To Reduce Political Content After Posting Healthy Profit

Mark Zuckerberg admits platform is looking at ways to reduce political content in news feeds, after it posts billion dollar…

3 months ago

Qualcomm Ordered To Hand Over Data To EU Antitrust Regulators

Europe's top court orders Qualcomm to hand over data to EU officials, after US firm objected saying EU was exceeding…

3 months ago

Google Seeks To Move ‘Meritless’ Collusion Lawsuit To California

Lawsuit by US states filed in Texas, alleging Google collusion with Facebook, should be heard in California instead says Google

3 months ago

EU Takes Aim At Google Advertising Practices In Antitrust Probe

European Commission seeks information from advertisers, as it opens second EU antitrust probe of Google and its practices

3 months ago

US States Investigating Google App Store Practices

Group of US states may hit Google with fourth government antitrust lawsuit, this time focusing on allegedly anti-competitive practices in…

3 months ago

Nvidia Acquisition Of ARM Faces Competition Probe

UK competition regulator the CMA, launches investigation into the acquisition of British silicon designer ARM Holdings by Nvidia

3 months ago

Alibaba’s Founder Jack Ma Absence Triggers Concern

Where is Jack? Concern mounts over Alibaba's Jack Ma, after Chinese regulatory clampdown on his business empire following outburst

3 months ago

Alibaba Faces Antitrust Probe By Chinese Authorities

China's answer to Amazon - Alibaba - faces antitrust investigation for preventing merchants from selling their goods elsewhere

4 months ago

Google, Facebook Team Up To Tackle Antitrust Lawsuit – Report

Both firms agreed to 'cooperate and assist one another', after antitrust lawsuit last week from US states over online advertising…

4 months ago

Judge Proposes 2023 Trial Date For Google Antitrust Case

Judge says Google's Justice Department trial unlikely to go to court before mid-2023, as trial proceedings appear set to go…

4 months ago

Google Hit With Third Antitrust Lawsuit

Another day, another antitrust lawsuit. More legal action alleging Google operates a search monopoly, and prevents Alexa in speakers using…

4 months ago

Google Sued By 10 US States For Alleged Facebook Collusion

Ten US states sue Google, alleging it worked with Facebook to break US antitrust law to bolster its online advertising…

4 months ago

California Asks To Join US DOJ Google Lawsuit

California attorney general becomes first Democrat to support federal antitrust action against Google, as states mull additional actions

4 months ago

Apple Sued Over App Store Monopoly, By Jailbreak Store Cydia

Rival app store Cydia for jail broken iOS devices sues Apple, alleging it monopolises software distribution on its devices

4 months ago

Facebook Hit With Two Antitrust Lawsuits From FTC And US States

Breakup threat. Social networking giant sued by federal regulator and US states, and could be forced to sell WhatsApp, Instagram

4 months ago

UK Seeks Tailored Competition Rules For Each Tech Giant

British competition watchdog outlines its new regime, and powers required to govern big name tech firms in the years ahead

4 months ago

UK To Implement Tougher Competition Rules On Tech In 2021

Competition and Markets Authority to implement tougher competition laws on tech giants such as Facebook and Google in 2021

5 months ago

Tech Giants Face Fines Or Even Break-up, Warns EU Digital Head

New European rules to rein in big name tech firms will include the power to potentially break-up firms, EU digital…

5 months ago