android tablet

Samsung Patent Reveals Folding Tablet Device

Patent from Samsung reveals double folding tablet device that can be expanded into a computer screen like display, or other…

8 months ago

Tablet Market To Grow Again, But Only In 2018

Windows tablets to challenge iOS tablet market share in 2020, after growth for entire sector returns in 2018

5 years ago

Leak Provides First Look At Samsung’s 2015 Tablet Range

Could this be the shape of things to come in 2015 for Samsung?

7 years ago

Nvidia Readies High-End Tablet – Report

Nvidia is reportedly developing a high-end Android tablet to offset the impact of the stagnant PC market

8 years ago

Apple Faces Squeeze In Tablet Market, Says IDC

Tablet shipments will overtake portable PCs this year, as smaller, low-cost Android tablets lead the drive

9 years ago

HP Readies Android Tablet And Maybe Smartphones

HP is reportedly developing a high-end tablet running Android - and maybe even Android smartphones

9 years ago

Tablet Forecast Raised Due To Android And iPad Mini

The sales forecast for the tablet form factor has been raised again thanks to the iPad Mini and Android devices

9 years ago

IDC Raises Tablet Forecast As Sales Surge

More bad news for PC makers after IDC substantially upped its sales forecast for tablet devices

9 years ago

Amazon Orders Two Million Kindle Fire 2 Tablets For August

Chinese sources say that Amazon has ordered two million units of its next generation Kindle Fire tablet

10 years ago

Lenovo IdeaTab Undercuts iPad On Price And Weight

Lenovo's new IdeaTab tablet running Android costs just $350 (£227), and is also lighter and thinner than the Apple iPad

10 years ago

Motorola Reports An $80m Loss In Q4 2011

Mobile and tablet maker posts $80 million loss in last quarter of 2011, selling only 200,000 Xoom devices during the…

10 years ago

EDF Energy Sticks Samsung Galaxy Tabs In London Eye

London Eye pods have Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices with an interactive guide of the city's sights

10 years ago

Cisco Plans Larger Cius Tablet Device

Cisco is reportedly developing a larger version of its Cius tablet geared towards enterprise use

10 years ago

Asus Transformer Tablet To Hit US In December

American consumers can now pre-order Asus' Eee Pad Transformer Prime "Honeycomb" tablet

10 years ago

Apple iPad Share Set To Fall As Rivals Grow

Apple's iPad continues to rule the tablet arena, but the growth of rival tablets will erode its market share

10 years ago

Asus Transformer Tablet Primed With Quad Core Chip

The eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet features a quad core processor and optional keyboard dock/cover

10 years ago

Panasonic Joins Tablet Race With Android Toughpad

Panasonic has launched ruggedised Android tablet for people for whom an Apple iPad is just too soft

10 years ago

Android Grows Tablet Market Share Against iPad

Android tablets now account for 27 percent of overall tablet shipments, according to Strategy Analytics

10 years ago

Kogan Unveils £119 Android Tablet

An Australian company is looking to upset the tablet apple-cart with incredibly cheap Android tablets

10 years ago

Android Tablets Face iPad, Playbook Squeeze

Android tablet sales fell in the second quarter after coming under pressure from the iPad and Playbook

10 years ago

Android Tablets Snatch 20 Percent Market Share

New research has indicated that Android-based tablets now hold 20 percent of the tablet market

10 years ago

HTC Honeycomb Puccini Tablet Set For Q3 Arrival

The crowded Android tablet market is to get another player with the arrival of HTC's Puccini

10 years ago

Acer Iconia Tablet Finally Launches In America

Acer has finally launched its 7-inch tablet in the United States, nearly five months after its UK arrival

10 years ago

Amazon Tablet To Pose Big Threat To Apple iPad

A Retrevo survey has found that more than half of consumers would buy a tablet computer from Amazon

11 years ago

Sony Releases Second Tablet Teaser Video

Sony has released another teaser video of its forthcoming tablets in an effort to drum up consumer interest

11 years ago

Amazon Tablet To Offer Android And Quad-Core CPU

An industry analyst has revealed Amazon's plans to enter the fiercely competitive tablet arena

11 years ago

Motorola Xoom Faces More Poor Sales Reports

An analyst estimates that Motorola has sold at little as 25,000 units of its tablet device, the Xoom

11 years ago

Acer Jumps On Tablet Bandwagon

Netbook maker Acer has revealed its nascent tablet development strategy, with a range of Iconia Tabs

11 years ago

Apple Updates iOS For iPhone, iPad

iOS 4.3 update issued in time for 11 March iPad 2 release, speeding Safari and adding iTunes Sharing

11 years ago

LG To Launch Android-based Tablet

LG Electronics has announced a tablet that will run Windows 7, and is also planning an Android-based version as well

12 years ago