Android Nougat

Google Announces End Of Dessert Names For Android

No more internal codenames like Jellybean, Lollipop or Marshmellow for Android releases, Google confirms

2 years ago

Google Discloses Measures To Defend Android Against Ransomware

Google outlines what it's doing to help protect Android devices from ransomware

5 years ago

MWC 2017: Moto G5 Plus Hands-On With The Affordable Android Smartphone

We try out the Moto G5 Plus to see if it can offer a true cheap smartphone contender

5 years ago

MWC 2017: BlackBerry KeyOne QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone; Hands-On

Silicon takes a look at BlackBerry's final in-house designed Android smartphone

5 years ago

Pixel XL Review: Living With Google’s Flagship Smartphone

REVIEW: After several months using the Pixel XL, Roland Moore-Colyer gives his verdict on the 100 percent Google phone

5 years ago