US Mounts Final Campaign To Bar Huawei From UK 5G Networks

US delegation set to arrive in UK on Monday, as MI5 chief dismisses risk that allowing Huawei would threaten intelligence…

2 years ago

UK Could Delay 5G Rollout Because Of Security Concerns – Minister

Mike Pompeo warns the UK that Margaret Thatcher would have taken a much firmer line to using Huawei kit

3 years ago

US State Department Suffers Email System Breach

Slow roll-out of two factor authentication blamed after State Department admits email data breach

3 years ago

ZTE Asks America To Lift Component Supply Ban

Chinese firm submits application to US department asking for ban on software and components to be lifted

4 years ago

US And China Pledge ‘Code Of Cyber Conduct’

“Please stop hacking American targets”, or words to that effect as President Obama raises concern with China

7 years ago

US-China Cyber Espionage Discussions Fail To Deliver

Discussions between President Obama and President Xi Jinping bring nothing concrete

9 years ago

Chinese Cyber Espionage Unit Starts Re-Hacking US Organisations

Unit 61398, allegedly sponsored by the PLA, is back at it again

9 years ago

US Court Says FBI Access To Private Data Unconstitutional

In a landmark case, court says National Security Letters should be banned

9 years ago

North Korea: US Is Hacking Us

Americans accused of working with South Korea to hit North's Internet

9 years ago

US Plans Assault On Cyber IP Thieves

US attorney general Eric Holder plans to wage war on IP thieves from China

9 years ago

Report: US Implicated In French Government Spyware Infections

Something resembling the Flame malware appeared on French government systems this year

9 years ago

US Defence Secretary Panetta Warns Of Cyber 9/11

As the US ramps up spending on its digital arsenal, its defence secretary warns of cyber disaster

9 years ago

Huddle Plots American Invasion With US Government Push

Huddle reveals new product, data centre and Washington DC office as it looks to conquer the US and beat Microsoft…

9 years ago

Botnet Creator Who Ensnared 72,000 Machines Gets 30 Months

Bot herder with an alleged history of dirty dealing gets sent down

9 years ago