Amazon Echo

Sonos Slaps Google With Patent Lawsuit Over Smart Speakers

Speaker maker Sonos alleges Google stole its technology, and it now seeks a sales ban on all Google speakers, phones…

7 months ago

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant Unlocked Via Laser

“Alexa, unlock the front door!” Researchers warn they can remotely control digital assistants and smart speakers

9 months ago

Amazon Sidewalk To Offer Long-Range Wireless For IoT

Move over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi - Amazon reveals development of long-range wireless alternative for IoT devices

11 months ago

Amazon Expands Echo Range, Adds Wearables, Alexa Personalisation

Surprise motherf****r! Alexa's voice can soon be replaced by the voice of actor Samuel L Jackson

11 months ago

NHS Teams Up With Alexa For Health Advice

Doctor Alexa? NHS to provide health advice via Amazon's AI-driven Alexa personal assistant

1 year ago

Amazon Keeps Alexa Voice Recordings Indefinitely

Amazon admission in letter to US senator re-ignites privacy row over Alexa and its range of smart speakers

1 year ago

Alexa Patent To Listen To All Words Spoken

Privacy threat? New Amazon patent means Alexa could always listen and record every word spoken to it

1 year ago

UK Government Offers Information Via Alexa, Google Home

Smart speakers can now be used to access more than 12,000 pieces of government information

1 year ago

Amazon Workers Listen To Alexa Recordings – Report

Are you listening Alexa? Amazon staff are “reviewing” audio clips of people speaking to their Echo smart speakers

1 year ago

US Judge Asks Amazon For Echo Data In Murder Case

Did Amazon Echo device hear the murder of two US women? Police ask Amazon for the audio recordings

2 years ago

Foxconn Investigates Amazon Echo Factory

Chinese factory that makes Amazon Echo speakers and Kindle readers probed for workforce violations

2 years ago

Hampshire County Council Trials Amazon’s Alexa For Social Care

The council says smart speakers such as Amazon's Echo can improve clients' quality of life and cut councils' costs

2 years ago

Google Offers UK Free Phone Calls Via Home Speaker

Who needs a phone? Google offers free UK telephone calls via Home and Home Mini smart speakers

2 years ago

Digital Transformation At The Met: Box, Windows XP Migration & Amazon Echo

Met Police CIO Angus McCallum talks about the adoption of Box, how the force is nearing its Windows XP migration…

3 years ago

Alexa-Powered Amazon Echo Spot ‘Smart Clock’ Launches In UK Next Week

Amazon expands Echo range as it looks to maintain smart home dominance

3 years ago

Amazon Revamps UK Echo Product Lineup

New design, improved sound, and a smart home option included, coupled with lower UK prices

3 years ago

Alexa AI Hack Allows For Remote Eavesdropping

Who is listening? Older Amazon Echo devices can be rooted and turned into wiretapping machines

3 years ago

Domino’s Alexa Intergration Enables Pizza Ordering Via Voice Commands

Pizza fans will be able to order their favourite Domino's meal through a simple voice command barked at the Amazon…

3 years ago

Police Demand Access To Amazon Echo Data In Murder Case

Police vs tech – round two. Amazon resists US police demands to hand over data gathered on Echo speaker

4 years ago

Microsoft Opens Cortana To OEM Kit, Hints At Amazon Echo Rival

Expect to see Microsoft's digital assistant appearing in new hardware soon with launch of developer and OEM tools

4 years ago

Amazon Echo Coming To UK And Germany

The Echo presents opportunities for smart home software developers

4 years ago