Airport 5G Towers Switched Off In Temporary Aviation Compromise

AT&T and Verizon agree to temporarily switch off 5G towers near certain airports, as operators and FCC hit out at…

5 months ago

BA Faces Record £183.39m Fine For Massive Data Breach

The fine, intended to penalise 'poor security arrangements' that allowed the attack to take place, is the largest ever announced…

3 years ago

Eurostar Resets All Customer Passwords After ‘Attempted’ Hack

The incident, which took place in mid-October, follows major breaches at several airlines — but this time around no payment…

4 years ago

US Ends Laptop Ban For US Bound Flights

Controversial ban preventing Middle Eastern passengers carrying their laptops on flights to the US officially ends

5 years ago

FCC Chairman Could Reverse Decision To Allow In-Flight Phone Calls

Ajit Pai turns against 2013 FCC regulatory proceeding that was attempting to lift the ban on the use of mobile…

5 years ago

Security Hole Could Let Hackers Take Control Of Planes

Security researchers was able to "hijack" in-flight displays and control cabin lighting

6 years ago

British Airways European Flights Get In-Flight Wi-Fi In 2017

British Airways short haul flights get in-flight Wi-Fi a year later than planned, with long haul flights set to be…

6 years ago

Boeing Partners With Microsoft For Azure And Cortana

Boeing buys into Cortana, AI and cloud to access big data it can use to streamline passenger experience and reduce…

6 years ago

EasyJet Turns To Wearable Tech For Smart Uniforms

New LED-packed uniforms for cabin crew and engineers will be trialled next year to celebrate low cost airlines 20th birthday

7 years ago

Inmarsat Satellite In-Flight Wi-Fi Boosted By LTE Ground Network

Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom partner for European Aviation Network, with Lufthansa committing to trials for satellite-LTE in-flight broadband service

7 years ago

United Airlines Rewards Hackers With Million Airmiles

Two hackers awarded one million free airmiles each as part of innovative bug bounty scheme

7 years ago

Second Airline Bans Lithium-ion Battery Shipments

Second major American airline bans the bulk shipment of lithium-ion batteries over fire concerns

7 years ago

American Airlines Confirms 10,000 Accounts Compromised

United also hit by fraud as thieves use stolen credentials to buy travel, upgrades

7 years ago