US Airline Bosses Warn Of ‘Catastrophic’ Aviation Crisis Due To 5G

US aviation 5G scare-mongering continues, as CEOs of ten US airlines warn of 'havoc' caused by arrival of 5G networks…

4 months ago

US Airline Trade Group Calls For 5G Deployment Delay

More aviation fearmongering? Trade group seeks 5G deployment delay around major US airports, despite no problems in other countries

5 months ago

Bangkok Airways Hit By LockBit Ransomware Attack

Passenger data collected by Bangkok Airways published after Thai airline reportedly declines to pay the criminal's ransom demand

9 months ago

British Airways Settles Data Breach Claims Case

Costly exercise. British Airways pays an undisclosed settlement to passengers and staff impacted by massive 2018 data breach

11 months ago

Hack Exposes Data Of 4.5 Million Air India Passengers

Air India warns passengers their personal information including passport data, has been compromised in SITA software breach

12 months ago

British Airways Hit With Record £20m Fine For Data Breach

Data protection watchdog reconsiders its £183.4 million fine against British Airways for 2018 data breach, and lowers it down to…

2 years ago

Study Finds Airline Apps Riddled With Security Bugs

Airlines' mobile apps typically contain an average of 21 vulnerabilities each and transmit data over multiple unsecured connections, researchers find

3 years ago

Cathay Pacific Admits Hack Went On For Months

Airline admits it was under sophisticated attack for months, and took six months to inform the world

4 years ago

British Airways Confirms Theft Of Additional Data

Another 185,000 payment card data stolen, after BA uncovers second hack whilst investigating the first

4 years ago

Cathay Pacific Admits Hack Of 9.4 Million Customer Records

Another data breach in the aviation industry, as airline admits compromise of personal data for 9.4 million passengers

4 years ago

Passengers Delayed As Airports Worldwide Hit By Network Issue

Delays reported at airports worldwide due to ‘network issue’ with passenger management system

5 years ago

Airport Gate Screens ‘Exposes Personal Data’ Of Passengers

A public gate display at a European airport exposed passenger names and booking codes, according to Symantec researcher found

5 years ago

Software Glitch Delays Delta Airlines Flights

Software outage delays two dozen Delta flights in the US, adding to growing number of aviation-computer incidents

6 years ago

Etihad Airways Considers Legal Action Over Three-Year-Old Data Breach

Details of 7,000 Etihad Airways customers appear to have been leaked by an email marketing agency

6 years ago

United Airlines Grounded By ‘Network Fault’

US passengers delayed by 'network connectivity issue' that grounded United Airlines planes

7 years ago

United Airlines Offers Airmiles For Bug Bounty Hackers

Hack our website, but please not our aeroplanes – the invite from United Airlines to friendly hackers

7 years ago

Finnair Soars To The Cloud To Cut Costs And Empower Employees

Finnair's architect in corporate information management explain's how the airline has benefited from a Microsoft Office 365 implementation

7 years ago

Second Airline Bans Lithium-ion Battery Shipments

Second major American airline bans the bulk shipment of lithium-ion batteries over fire concerns

7 years ago

Delta Airlines Sorry For Oral Sex Facebook Content

Facebook account of American airlines hacked and defaced with 'objectionable and offensive' content

7 years ago

Scared Of Flying? Qantas Partners With Samsung For On-Board Virtual Reality Escape

Samsung Gear VR headsets will be avilable in first-class A380 cabins and lounges in Sydney and Melbourne

7 years ago

Edinburgh Airport To Welcome Arrivals With Google Glass

Trial follows similar rollout by Virgin Atlantic staff at Heathrow earlier this year

8 years ago

British Airways To Offer In-Flight Wi-Fi Powered By Inmarsat

Inmarsat to launch new satellite aimed at supporting European in-flight Wi-Fi

8 years ago

Google Glass Trial ‘A Success’, Says Virgin Atlantic

Airline says Google Glass lets its staff maintain eye contact with VIP passengers - who find this reassuring and not…

8 years ago

Virgin Atlantic Launches Google Glass Staff Trial

Pilot scheme will see airline staff use Google Glass to make VIP travellers more comfortable

8 years ago

US Could Follow Europe In Allowing In-Flight Mobile Phone Use

FCC says it is considering in-flight mobile phone use above 3,000 metres

9 years ago

FAA To Relax In-Flight Electronic Device Rules

US airline passengers will be allowed to use electronic devices all the time, but mobile phones are still banned

9 years ago

Ofcom Paves Way For Satellite Wi-Fi On UK Aircraft

Ofcom wants to make it easier to deliver satellite Wi-Fi to planes, trains and ships

9 years ago

British Airways To Allow Mobile Calls After Landing

BA listens to the voice of reason

9 years ago

US Boarding Pass Flaw Exposes Valuable Data

A flaw could allow passengers to avoid security checks

10 years ago

Qantas Tests Wi-Fi For Long Distance Flights

"The Flying Kangaroo" airline offers first class passengers 100MB of long-haul data

10 years ago