Airbnb Permanently Bans Parties, With Few Exceptions

Victory for irate neighbours? Airbnb confirms its temporary Covid ban on parties in its listings will now be permanent rule

2 months ago

Airbnb To Pull Out Of China Amidst ‘Pandemic Challenges’

Airbnb to pull out of China as ongoing zero-Covid policy places severe restrictions on domestic and international travel, focus on…

3 months ago

Airbnb Suspends All Operations In Russia, Belarus

Rental company Airbnb becomes latest in rush of tech firms cutting ties to Russia and its allies, with suspension of…

5 months ago

Sir Jony Ive To Redesign Airbnb’s Products, Services

British designer of the Apple iPhone is to head up a redesign of Airbnb's core products and services, to improve…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Shares Stage Limited Recovery After Dramatic Declines

Tech companies amongst those affected by share swings as governments bolster efforts to limit economic fallout of coronavirus crisis

2 years ago

Airbnb Wins Top EU Court Ruling Over Regulatory Status

European Court of Justice decides Airbnb is an 'information society service' and not a real estate agent, defeating challenge by…

3 years ago

Paris Sues Airbnb For £11m Over ‘Illegal’ Adverts

French capital sues rental platform under new rules as tourist destinations complain of antisocial side-effects of short-term rentals

4 years ago

Facebook: Attackers Did Not Breach Third-Party Sites

Sites such as Airbnb and Spotify that use Facebook logins are unaffected by last week's massive hack, the company now…

4 years ago

European Union Sets Deadline For Facebook Changes

EU regulators want Facebook to alter its 'deceptive' terms of service to clearly state that it sells consumers' data to…

4 years ago

UK Government: Airbnb Good, Private Landlords Bad

Airbnb hosts will get a tax-free allowance worth £1,000 a year, George Osborne has revealed

6 years ago

Phishing Scam Grabs Airbnb Logins

Bogus login for Airbnb spotted in the wild by security researcher Malwarebytes

7 years ago

CEOs Should Dress Down – I Do

Marcin Kleczynski, CEO, Malwarebytes, discusses the virtues of casually dressed tech founders heading up established tech firms

7 years ago