Air travel

Elon Musk Offers Teenager $5,000 To Stop Tracking Bot

The movements of Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk is being tracked by a Florida teenager, who has asked the…

5 months ago

British Airways Settles Data Breach Claims Case

Costly exercise. British Airways pays an undisclosed settlement to passengers and staff impacted by massive 2018 data breach

12 months ago

US Ends Laptop Ban For US Bound Flights

Controversial ban preventing Middle Eastern passengers carrying their laptops on flights to the US officially ends

5 years ago

Heathrow Airport Is Latest To Adopt AR Tech In Bid To Engage Customers

Travellers can interact with exclusive characters in the Pokemon Go-esque app

5 years ago

Malaysian Airlines Is First To Use New Satellite Flight Tracking System

New satellite flight tracking system will enable global coverage when it goes live in 2018 - four years after the…

5 years ago

British Airways Confirmed As Launch Partner For New In-Flight Wi-Fi Network

In-flight Wi-Fi on British Airways moves a step closer with new deal with Inmarsat's European Aviation Network

5 years ago

European In-Flight Wi-Fi Moves A Step Closer After Inmarsat Test

Using Wi-Fi on British Airways and other carriers in Europe will soon be a possibility after Inmarsat completes latest test

5 years ago

United Flights Disrupted By Computer Breakdown

The incident disabled United's online systems and led to long delays around the world

6 years ago

British Airways Signs Deal With Gogo For Long Haul In-Flight Wi-Fi

International Airlines Group to bring in-flight Wi-Fi to British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus long-haul routes

6 years ago

Is Office-Grade In-Flight Wi-Fi Ready For Take Off?

Satellite broadband providers are launching next generation in-flight Wi-Fi networks. TechWeek takes to the skies to test out Gogo's office…

6 years ago

UN Allocates Bandwidth For Global Satellite Flight Tracking System

WRC-15 paves the way fopr satellite flight tracking system following MH370 disappearance

7 years ago

What Can The United Airlines Hack Tell Us About IT Security?

The data breach at United Airlines could reveal a lot about hacker motivation

7 years ago

Ryanair Considering Free In-Flight Wi-Fi For Business Travellers

Ryanair could offer ad-subsidised Wi-Fi in a bid to attract more business travellers to its low cost fares

7 years ago

Computer Glitch Grounds Flights Across London

Yet another technical fault results in airspace above the capital being restricted

8 years ago

EE 4G Coverage Comes To Major UK Airports, Railways And Roads

EE 4G coverage comes to more towns and to Britain's transport infrastructure

8 years ago

British Airways To Allow Electronics Use During Take-Off And Landing

British Airways claims to be the first airline to take advantage of European ruling

9 years ago

Air Traffic Control Software Glitch Causes Flight Misery Across UK

Delays and cancellations affect flights in the UK after air traffic control suffers technical failures

9 years ago