Popular Barcode Scanner App Transforms Into Adware

Malwarebytes issues warning, after update to a popular barcode scanning app on Google Play, transforms it into adware pusher

1 year ago

Apple Reconfigures Macs To Block Adware

Apple will no longer allow user profiles to be installed on Macs without user interaction, in move targeting 'plague of…

2 years ago

Adware Hidden In Play Store Apps Infects 8 Million Users

Malware found in 85 apps posing as games or photography utilities displays full-screen ads and takes 'unique' steps to avoid…

3 years ago

Hundreds Of Android Smartphones Preloaded With Malware, Warns Avast

Smartphones from the likes of ZTE, MediaTek, Archos and Blaupunkt are preloaded with adware nastiness

4 years ago

Ransomware Remains Weapon Of Choice For Hackers

Spyware to the left, ransomware to the Malwarebytes report paints grim picture of growing cyber threats

4 years ago

Apple Mac Adware OSX.Pirrit Returns With Vengeance

OSX.Pirrit adware exploits AppleScript to spy on Apple Mac users, yet adtech creators deny it is malware

5 years ago

Fake WhatsApp Downloaded More Than 1m Times From Google Play

The fraudulent developer managed identify themselves as 'WhatsApp Inc.' on Google Play, bypassing the company's filters

5 years ago

Researchers Shut Down Pornhub Scam Adverts That Affected Millions

Malicious adverts were displayed to millions of visitors to the popular adult site for more than a year, with filtering…

5 years ago

Lenovo Gets £2.7m Fine For Pre-Loading Superfish Adware On PCs

Lenovo is hit with fine and conditions in settlement with US authorities after it was determined Superfish harmed consumers

5 years ago

Ransomware Attacks ‘Double’ As Nation State Weapons Fall Into Hands Of Hackers

Grim reading...Malware is growing, adware mutating, and sophisticated 'nation state' tools are being used by low-level hackers

5 years ago

Researchers Uncover Lucrative ‘Stantinko’ Adware Campaign

The malware is highly resilient and has largely managed to avoid detection

5 years ago

Fireball Malware Infects 20 Percent Of Corporate Networks

Ad agency in Beijing responsible for malware that infected 250 million computers worldwide, researchers claim

5 years ago

FalseGuide Malware Infects Millions Of Android Devices

Face palm for Google's security screening. Source of FalseGuide adware is none other than Google Play store

5 years ago

Europe Is The Most ‘Malware Riddled Continent’

Cisco also finds that malware attacks come with costly consequences for targeted businesses

5 years ago

HummingBad Android Malware Returns Badder Than Before As HummingWhale

The fraudulent advertising malware makes a comeback by being harder to detect and remove from Android smartphones and tablets

5 years ago

Malwarebytes Snaps-Up French Startup AdwCleaner

The acquisition gives Malwarebytes access to the startup's adware an unwanted programe fighting tool

6 years ago

Tuto4PC Slams Cisco’s Claim The Company Infected 12 Million Computers

Tuto4PC seeks legal advice over claims it is a "shady malware distribution enterprise."

6 years ago

Superfish-Like Rogue Certificates ‘Found Pre-installed’ On Dell PCs

A number of Dell users say they found self-signed root certificates on their laptops and want to know why and…

7 years ago

Non-Removable Android Malware Hijacks Popular Apps

Security researchers found infected versions of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and others

7 years ago

Ransomware, Phishing And Spam Attacks Hit New Highs In Q1 2015

Six trillion spam messages sent worldwide in the first three months of 2015, McAfee Labs report finds

7 years ago

Look Out – Cybercriminals Are Getting Smarter, Says Trend Micro

Hackers launching a increasing mix of old and new style attacks, Trend Micro survey finds

7 years ago

Oracle Uses Java To Install Adware On Macs, PCs

Superfish take two? Oracle is now bundling adware on Mac computers via the Java installation

7 years ago

10 Apps Packed Full Of ‘Aggressive’ Adware Pulled From Google Play

Bitdefender warns that the mobile adware resembles that found on PCs, delivering a barrage of ads

7 years ago

Superfish Adware: Should We Send Lenovo To The Naughty Step?

What can Lenovo's customers do about its sneaky adware, and how will Superfish impact the company's brand reputation?

7 years ago

Lenovo Laptops Shipped With Secret Adware

Lenovo's pre-installed Superfish poses security threat if compromised

7 years ago

Three Apps Pulled From Google Play After Infecting Millions Of Devices With Adware

More than 10 million devices have been infected by the malware, which tries to con users into needlessly spending money

7 years ago

Google Chrome Feedly And Twitter Extensions Pulled In Adware Scare

Two extensions to Google's Chrome browser concerning social media were apparently spamming users with ads

8 years ago

Lookout Faces Legal Threat For Exposing ‘Bad’ Android Adware

Ad network considers defamation suit after being named in Lookout's adware bashing report

9 years ago

Canonical Offers Kill Switch After Ubuntu Privacy Row

Canonical is to offer a kill switch to turn off online searches in Ubuntu Linux 12.10 following a privacy row

10 years ago