Elon Musk Tells Fleeing Advertisers To Go F*** Themselves

X owner Elon Musk used multiple expletives about advertisers who have boycotted Twitter over extremist content

6 months ago

Objection Filed To Meta’s Paid Ad-Free Subscription

Digital rights group NOYB files first complaint with Austrian regulator against Meta's paid ad-free subscription for Facebook, Instagram

6 months ago

Advertising Exodus To Cost Elon Musk’s X $75m – Report

Year of end advertising exodus at Elon Musk's X going to cost Twitter as much as $75m in advertising revenue

6 months ago

IBM Pulls Advertising From X/Twitter, Amid Nazi Content Row

Another big name suspends advertising on X (aka Twitter), after its ads appeared next to posts praising Adolf Hitler and…

6 months ago

Meta Offers Paid Ad-Free Subscription For Facebook, Instagram

Facebook and Instagram to offer a paid subscription in Europe in return for no adverts, costing from 9.99 euros (£8.73)…

7 months ago

Meta Touts Monthly Charge For Ad-Free Facebook, Instagram – Report

User of social networks belonging to Meta could be charged a monthly fee of 10 euros (£8.67) for ad-free access…

8 months ago

Amazon Wins Interim Stay On Public Ads Archive

Amazon wins interim court ruling that it isn't very large online platform (VLOP) under European Union rules

8 months ago

Amazon Prime Video To Feature Adverts Next Year

Amazon to include adverts to its Prime Video service in 2024, unless users opt for a higher cost ad-free subscription…

8 months ago

WhatsApp Boss Denies Chat App Is Exploring Ads

Head of WhatsApp at Meta Platforms firmly denies media report the service is exploring adverts to bolster revenues

9 months ago

Twitter Revenue Down 40 Percent, As 500 Advertisers Pause Spending

Report that more than 500 advertisers have paused spending with Twitter, and it's daily revenue is 40 percent down from…

1 year ago

Facebook Considers ‘Kill Switch’ On Political Ads After Election

Facebook is wary of its platform being used to contest the US election results in November and is reportedly looking…

4 years ago

Lawmakers Call For Pause On Targeted Political Adverts

Pause online political adverts that are targeted and contain false information, international lawmakers have urged tech firms

5 years ago

GDPR Creates Confusion In Global Adtech Industry

One month on, establishing user consent for tracking technologies is proving difficult for the online ad industry to master

6 years ago

Fake Google Play Minecraft Apps Flood Users With Scams And Ads

87 fake Minecraft apps have been discovered, with a combined total of 990,000 installs

7 years ago

Microsoft Drops OneDrive Ads Into Windows 10 File Explorer

Here's the kicker; disabling the pop-up will also turn off real OneDrive notifications

7 years ago

WSJ Claims Google Used Search Engine To Promote Own Products

Analysis alleges that Google used its search engine results to place adverts for its own products in top spot

7 years ago

Facebook Sales Hit £4bn As Mobile Advertising Pays Off

Facebook reports £700m in quarterly profit as mobile user base reaches almost one billion a day

8 years ago

Yahoo ‘Rejects’ Offers For Internet Business

Sources claim Yahoo will reveal its next strategic moves on 2 February, the day of its quarterly earnings call

8 years ago

Yahoo Ad Network Spreads Malware – Again

The latest malicious ad campaign follows an incident that affected Yahoo and AOL last year

9 years ago

Google Shows Women Fewer High-Paid Jobs Than Men, Say Researchers

Study finds that women searching for jobs on Google are less likely to be shown the high-paid jobs that men…

9 years ago

Google Kills Ad-Blocking Apps From Play Store

Developers beware, after Google warned it will pull any Play Store apps that block adverts

11 years ago

Skype To Place Big Adverts In VoIP Calls

Skype ads - designed to distract you on calls - will hit you if you don't have credit

12 years ago

Wikipedia Warns On Browser Malware

Wikipedia says it doesn't run ads from for-profit firms so those seeing them are likely to be infected with malware

12 years ago

Facebook Announces Premium Advertising Tools

Brands given Timeline-formatted pages, mobile ads and Reach Generator in pre-IPO effort to raise revenue

12 years ago

EFF Favours Mozilla Browser Ad Opt-Out Over Google

Electronic Frontier Foundation prefers Firefox's behavioural cookie blocker over Chrome's Keep My Opt Outs

13 years ago