Tales In Tech History: Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has its origins in the telecom market, and arguably its popularity neutred the absolute power of telecom giants

5 years ago

HP Brings SDN To Converged Wi-Fi Networks

Adding SDN functions to network kit will let companies make money from their own Wi-Fi networks, while cloud management could…

8 years ago

Aruba Bolsters Outdoor 802.11ac Wi-Fi Connectivity

A new enterprise-grade access point that is also easy to install expands Aruba's outdoor Wi-Fi portfolio

8 years ago

802.11ac Wi-Fi Will Emerge Gradually – Aerohive

The new Wi-Fi will go faster - but it won't get adopted straight away, says Aerohive's Matthew Gast

9 years ago

How Better Roaming Will Help Wi-Fi Succeed In Spite Of Itself

Wi-Fi is great, but it's not always as easy as it should be. Edgar Figueroa wants to fix that

9 years ago

Wi-Fi Alliance Begins 802.11ac Certification

The Wi-Fi Alliance has begun certifying wireless equipment with the forthcoming 802.11ac standard

9 years ago

Aruba Tackles Sticky Clients With 802.11ac APs

Aruba will next month release its new access points for enterprise Wi-Fi networks running the 802.11ac protocol

9 years ago

Broadcom Targets 5G Enterprise Wi-Fi With ARM SoCs

Broadcom will release new chips designed for enterprise Wi-Fi networks running the 802.11ac protocol

9 years ago

Cisco Launches Module For 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Cisco beefs up wireless transfer speeds after it adds a module that will support the 802.11ac standard

9 years ago

Netgear Launches Smart 802.11ac Wi-Fi Router

Netgear has released a new 802.11ac Wi-Fi router designed to work with the very latest smart devices

9 years ago

Apple To Adopt 1Gbps 802.11ac Wireless Under ‘5G Wi-Fi’ Brand?

802.11ac is good news, but why the confusing "5G Wi-Fi' label?

9 years ago

Cisco Readies 1Gbps Enterprise Wi-Fi AP

Cisco is preparing to break the 1Gbps barrier with a new enterprise access point for Wi-Fi networks

10 years ago

WiGig Hits Milestone Towards 7Gbps Wireless

The WiGig Alliance has completed specifications so 7Gbps wireless links could be here next year

10 years ago

In-Stat Claims A Billion 802.11ac Wi-Fi Devices By 2015

According to In-Stat research, the upcoming 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard will see massive adoption by 2015

11 years ago