Government To Open Lampposts, Bus Shelters For 5G Expansion

Two year Government project to make it easier for operators to install 5G kit on street furniture such as lampposts…

3 months ago

BT Confirms 3G Service Will Be ‘Retired’ In 2023

BT 3G connectivity will be retired in 2023, as carrier pledges to make 5G connectivity available in 90 percent of…

5 months ago

Apple Threatens UK Exit Over Patent Dispute

Patent trolling...Lawyers for American tech giant say Apple could quit UK market over patent dispute with Optis Cellular Technology

5 months ago

BT Targets Hull To Begin Removal Of Huawei Kit – Report

BT begins program to remove Huawei equipment from its 4G and 5G mobile network, with Hull in East Yorkshire being…

7 months ago

Rural Mobile Phone Masts To Be Heightened By 20 Percent

Government efforts to tackle rural not spots will see mobile phone masts being up to five metres taller than existing…

8 months ago

Consumer Group Which? Targets Qualcomm In Legal Action

Legal action against Qualcomm could result in 29 million UK 4G smartphone owners being entitled to possible £30 compensation

9 months ago

Swedish Regulator To Challenge Court Order On Huawei Ban

After Huawei wins court appeal against Swedish telecom watchdog's exclusion for 5G, the watchdog confirms it will challenge it

1 year ago

NASA, Nokia To Build LTE Network On Moon

'Ground control to Major Tom.' Finnish networking giant to build first ever 4G/5G cellular network on the Moon, slated for…

1 year ago

Removing Huawei Equipment To Take Five Years, Operators Tell MPs

Executives from Vodafone and BT give MPs a blunt assessment of the time needed and the cost to remove Huawei…

1 year ago

Google Project Loon Finally Approved For Kenya Deployment

Two years after deal was first signed, Project Loon is approved by Kenyan government for 4G connectivity via high altitude…

1 year ago

Alphabet To Deploy Google Project Loon In Mozambique

Loon signs deal with South African operator Vodacom to deliver balloon-powered high speed 4G and internet connectivity to rural provinces…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Ofcom Labels Eamonn Holmes 5G Comments ‘Ill-judged’

Ofcom warns London Live after David Icke conspiracy theory interview, and issues guidance to ITV after Eamonn Holmes' 5G comments

2 years ago

Coronavirus: YouTube Clamps Down On Videos Linking 5G To Covid-19

Fuelled by ill-informed celebrities, Google's YouTube bans all conspiracy theory videos falsely linking Coronavirus to 5G networks, after masts vandalised

2 years ago

5G Declared Safe By Radiation Watchdog

International radiation experts in Germany declare there is no scientific evidence that 5G technology poses a threat to human health

2 years ago

Mobile Operators Agree Shared Rural Network Deal

After some disagreements along the way, the £1 billion plan to eliminate mobile not-spots in rural areas, is agreed by…

2 years ago

Government Failing To Close Digital Divide

Continuing digital divide between urban and rural areas is not being addressed by the government, committee warns

2 years ago

4G Mobile Coverage To Arrive On The Tube In 2020

London Underground is to have 4G access across entire Tube network by mid 2020, TfL announces

2 years ago

Head Of Europol Says Police Need 5G Surveillance Tools

Law enforcement will lose ability to carry out surveillance when 5G networks replace 4G, police boss warns

2 years ago

New Digital Environments: The Structure of 5G

The 5G network being constructed moves away from the hierarchical structure that 4G typically uses. 5G has the potential to…

2 years ago

Next Generation Networks: The Promise of 5G

Is 5G the transformative network technology that will revolutionise every industry it touches? We assess the current state of 5G…

2 years ago

No Nationalised 5G Networks, Says President Trump

No nationalised 5G. Private sector is best way to deploy nationwide 5G networks, says President Trump

3 years ago

Vodafone Turns On 5G At Birmingham Train Station

But will it make the trains run on time? Birmingham New Street become first train station to trial 5G network

3 years ago

South Korea Launches Commerical 5G Network

Speed for need. Asian nation launches commercial 5G network, with monthly costs of £37 (and upwards) per month

3 years ago

Three Warns Huawei Ban Would Delay 5G Deployment

Three echoes Vodafone's concerns that Huawei ban would damage and delay deployment of 5G networks

3 years ago

BT Calls For Open Access To Street Furniture For Better Coverage

Want better coverage for 4G and 5G? BT says councils need to stop restricting access to lamp posts

3 years ago

UK 4G Slower Than Most Of Europe At Peak Times

The UK ranked worse than most European countries in maintaining 4G speeds, showing the need for a 5G capacity boost

3 years ago

Qualcomm Launches Chip For 5G Smartphones

But will Apple use it? New 5G modem chip to connect upcoming smartphones to 5G networks

3 years ago

O2 Service Restored After Massive Data Outage

30 million customers affected by technical fault that included O2, Tesco Mobile and Sky Mobile customers

3 years ago

Vodafone First To Test UK 5G Spectrum

After securing largest block of 5G spectrum last week, Vodafone tests it between Manchester and Newbury

4 years ago

EE Tackles More Not-Spots To Extend 4G Coverage

Operator installs more mobile masts and upgrades 4,000 existing sites to further spread of its 4G network

4 years ago