10 Of The Best Storage Devices

We take a look at 10 of the top storage devices that'll suit your memory needs.

7 years ago

Intel And Co Create 100G CLR4 Alliance For Data Centres

Intel and Arista join forces to develop the specs for 100 Gbps networking in data centres

8 years ago

Fibre Channel 32Gbps Standard Completed

The standard for 32Gbps Fibre Channel, an interface for storage area networks, has been officially agreed

8 years ago

Germans Reveal 512Gbps Data Transmission Breakthrough

The fastest fibre transmission in the world, sent data at 512Gbps from Berlin to Hanover and back

10 years ago

Google Chooses Kansas City For 1Gbps Network

A mid-western town in the US has been chosen by Google for a ultrafast 1Gbps broadband network

11 years ago

Networking Giants Demonstrate 100G Interoperability

German test shows Nokia Siemens' network and Juniper's T1600 core router work at 100Gbps

11 years ago

Amsterdam Doubles Bandwidth With Brocade 100Gb Switch

Brocade's rumoured 100Gbps Ethernet switch has emerged at Amsterdam's AMS-IX Internet exchange

12 years ago