Do you know the secrets of Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi has revolutionised how we connect to the Internet., allowing us to pack all those unsightly cables into the cupboard and stay online wirelessly (almost) everywhere, (almost) all the time. You use it on a daily basis, but how much do you really know about Wi-Fi?

Are you a Skype champion?

Skype has established itself as a key player in the Internet communications market. It offers text chat, calls and videoconferencing, and in lots of areas it has walked all over the competition. It is the essential VoIP software to have, both at home and in the office. It is well established on smartphones and tablets,

Alan Turing, 1912 to 1954

We trust you have already heard of Alan Turing, the scientist and mathematician who laid the foundations of computer science, and who also saved millions of lives through his wartime work. But how much do you really know about his story? This quiz should test your knowledge, and maybe tell you some things you didn’t

Are you an expert on printers?

Printers are peculiar devices. They enable us to transform something virtual into physical! For all your professional documents, administrative letters or family photos, your printer is simply essential. Printers have evolved at he same pace as IT in general, in their output method (inkjet, laser, 3D) and in their connections (wired, USB, Wi-Fi). Along the

TechWeekEurope’s Royal Tech Quiz

As Britain celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the nation can rejoice in a rather IT-savvy monarch and a Royal Family that understands the joy of tech. Take this quiz and see if you can keep up with our digital rulers. You can leave your comments and suggestions here.

How well do you know Anonymous?

Anonymous… A shadowy group with no faces, no names, no leader or base of operations. Some call them freedom fighters, others – terrorists. The ‘hacktivist’ collective has been in the news regularly over the past few years, thanks to their recurring attacks on the big Internet players, corporations and governments. You’ve heard of them, but

Do you know all about Green IT?

Technology needs energy and raw materials to be produced, but it becomes waste as soon as it reaches the end of its life. Re-using more and throwing out less is better for the planet – and can also benefit your organisation’s bottom line. How much do you know about making your IT more efficient and

Privacy: Who’s Watching You On The Web?

The Internet is a wonderful place where you can share and discover whatever you want. But it’s also a treasure trove of information for advertisers, authorities and cybercriminals. But what do you know about privacy? (Last updated: August 2017)

What do you know about Tech stocks and shares?

High-tech companies tend to start their life cycle in dusty garages in California… and eventually arrive on Wall Street to trade their stock. The majority of key players have taken this step and made (or lost) a ton (sometimes, literally) of money thanks to their capital market listings. At a time when Facebook is taking