Vive Launched Viveport Store To Fuel The Spread Of VR Software

Vive, the virtual reality company (VR) set up by HTC and gaming giant Valve, has launched Viveport, an app store for VR software that was previously confined to China.

Viveport joins an expanding markets of VR app stores run by the likes of Oculus, Samsung, Google as well as Valve itself.

The app store will serve as a place for users of the high-end HTC Vive VR headset to buy software that’s compatible with the device and its accompanying controllers. It will also offer a form community for VR fans to connect with each other.

For developers, the Viveport store provides them with a dedicated platform to showcase and sell their apps to a rapidly expanding audience of VR users. Given HTC has a business-focused version of its VR headset, Viveport could also serve up VR software for enterprises.

Rise of VR

“We believe Viveport is the place where customers will start their journey into new virtual reality experiences,” said Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport.

“Now, fans in over 30 countries will join us on a fantastic voyage, as they get to experience amazing VR Apps published by the best content creators in the industry.”

Steiber may seem a little hyperbolic about the Viveport, given the HTC Vive costs a hefty £759 in the UK putting it out of reach from all but the most die-hard technology fans, developers or people with deep pockets.

But VR is a growing market, with the likes of Intel and its Project Alloy headset looking to bring new VR headsets to compete with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Samsung also offers its Galaxy Gear VR headset with its Galaxy S7 smartphone, which helps garner interest in VR as a tool for gaming and immersive experiences.

Vive is keen to encourage developers to get more involved in VR, having recently launched the Vive X accelerator to offer £69 million to fund VR startups.

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Roland Moore-Colyer

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